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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Sketchbook - Brian Meredith

Brian Meredith is with Modern Pulp, who do some very interesting stuff. The story is this sketch is told briefly in my entry for the comic convention I got this sketch at.

by Brian Meredith
10 November 2002
(permission to post given 17 August via e-mail)

I like this Aquaman. He's simple, yet effective. It gives you the important aspects of the visual look without cluttering the image at all.

To see all the sketches I have permission to post so far, check out my Sketchbook Page. If you have any contact information for any of the other artists I'm trying to contact, please e-mail me. Click for a random Aquaman sketch.

by Tegan at 8:59 PM Seattle time

Rapid Reviews - 15 October 2003 - Part II

Girl Genius #10: Surprise! Let's change the direction, ignore the normal conventions of a comic book, and kill off a bunch of people all at once! Oh yeah, and let the cat drive. This book is so good. You are really missing out on a fun ride if you haven't checked it out yet (and why not, first issue is on-line and free). 4 starfish

Batman Adventures #7: Now, who is Phantasm again? Can't remember. Anyway, this was a look at how Batgirl deals with problems. And how Matches Malone deals with being deep undercover. The back-up story is a comment on the first story, about why Matches can trust Batgirl. 3 1/2 starfish

Aquaman #11: Headed for the big climax next issue, the final Veitch-written tale. The two plotlines are still miles apart. A surprise guest appearance from Batman for the Atlantis side gives a hint of what may be coming for that side in the next issue. As for the Black Manta and Aquaman side... well, what can I say? This was a pretty good issue. 4 starfish

Justice League: Only A Dream: Dr Destiny. Ok, I admit, I didn't know. I hadn't checked out the previews (I've been avoiding spoilers) and I had no clue. That was, as usual, a good thing. The whole story was surprise after surprise. Definitely not bad. 3 1/2 starfish

That's it for this week's books. Next week's books: Birds of Prey, Avengers/JLA, Cinnamon, Outsiders, Wildguard, Amazing Spider-Man, and Archard's Agents.

by Tegan at 7:46 PM Seattle time


I went up to check in with my new doctor again today, up in Monroe. That's a nice drive from Bothell, a few miles. But what really amused me about the trip was Marysville's roundabout.

Those of you in places where these things are common are probably scratching your heads at this, but roundabouts are insane. Especially large two-lane roundabouts with a whole bunch of drivers who have never used a roundabout before. The concept is not hard, and there are even signs that explain how to use it, but people still take up both lanes. And don't yield to traffic in the roundabout. And generally drive like nut-cases.

I guess I had no problems because I am a genuine nutcase. But it was kinda fun and scary to watch people driving stupidly because they weren't familiar with roundabout etiquette.

Ah well. Progress is going well on dealing with my fatigue and depression. More about that later. I think the remainder of the blogs today will be comics related.

by Tegan at 1:13 PM Seattle time

Friday, October 17, 2003

Random Thoughts

Ok, Batman's got a little list. This is pretty good. Also from Captain Custard is a link to DC's JLA: Liberty and Justice Mini-Site. There's a fascinating video there of Alex Ross painting the cover, I particularly like the detail and work he put into Aquaman's scalemail shirt.

I think my mom and sister might like today's Astronomy Picture of the Day. They are both quilters.

Interesting article about how Stonehenge is being scanned by lasers, revealing new carvings. The project website has been slashdotted, but will eventually come back up. via Slashdot

Daily Snopes looks at bombs in the potatoes.

Robin Riggs got his art back from CrossGen, but they still haven't paid him. In the meantime, CrossGen is slashing a bunch of titles, including Ruse, and trying to streamline their line. For the sake of the folks who haven't been paid, I hope it works so they will get paid.

Welcome, Graeme McMillan, to Team Comix, or whatever they are calling us this week. Graeme's blog, Fanboy Rampage!!, looks cool so far. But then, it's only two days old. via Johnny Bacardi

Also noted is a link to my site from Grotesque Anatomy. More team comix! Reminder to self: Add these guys to my blogroll.

My husband got a "people unclear on the concept" link request for his Wizard of Oz website. The website wanting a link? All about guns. "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..."

Marta the artist has done some more Harry Potter pieces. Ron in the Shrieking Shack, Harry's Parents Wedding, and Remus asleep on the Hogwarts Express.

Here's a scary story of possible vote fraud in Georgia caused by computer voting machines. Now, I know very little about these machines, but don't they have a paper "receipt" kept by the voting authority as a back-up? And, if they don't, what idiot allowed them to be used in a real election? We aren't talking brain surgery, here, this is common sense.

Lastly, hubby-Eric? I wanna eat your brains.

That's enough for tonight. Tomorrow is another day and another visit to the doctor.

by Tegan at 9:58 PM Seattle time

Marysville Teachers Strike Update

I'm sure you are all just dying for an update on the Marysville Teachers Strike from Heck. The one that has gone on, as of this writing, 46 days. That is, in my opinion, 45 days too long.

There really isn't much to tell. Both sides are following the judge's order and meeting 8 hours a day. We know that the first day didn't result in a deal, but we know nothing at all beyond that.

Eep. hubby-Eric has given me a little ... um ... correction. I've been assuming that because the school district closed school through Monday, that meant they didn't intend to bargain in good faith. Not that I ever believed they intended to bargain in good faith anyway. But hubby-Eric has a much more logical and less sinister reason why they would do that, and I must hang my head in shame. Yeah, I've let the emotion get to me many times in this strike so far, but I really need to see the forest and the trees.

The local media has gotten ever-so-slightly more balanced recently, exposing more of the district's antics and getting teacher opinions instead of just quoting the district PR gal. A local radio personality, Dave Ross, did a wonderful job at a live broadcast from Marysville of exposing the problems with both sides. His ability to ask the tough questions and to stick on topic helped him get to the root of the problems facing the district. While he didn't solve anything, he aired a lot of the biggest complaints, and finally allowed the teacher's side a voice. And, maybe most importantly, he pointed out what the teacher supporters need to work on, as far as getting their message across.

I've also delved even further into the laws of Washington State. While I was familiar with the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), I hadn't explored the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and the Washington State Constitution. Silly me. To my immense surprise, there is a section in the WAC that explains how teachers should go on strike. It is made clear in the legislation that the law does not endorse a strike, but it also makes it clear that a strike isn't illegal. I'm still trying to figure out how badly I'm misreading the law. If I am reading it right, teacher strikes in Washington are perfectly legal as long as the full 180 days of school are gotten in during the school year (Sep 1 to Aug 31).

by Tegan at 6:23 PM Seattle time

Utterly Exhausted

As if suffering from depression weren't bad enough, I've also got a serious case of fatigue I'm dealing with at the moment. Being tired when you've had enough sleep is irritating. I'm working on it, but it has fuzzed up my brain for the day. In the interests of keeping my streak going, however, I thought I'd at least post to explain why I haven't yet blogged for the day. As my blogiversary is coming up real soon here, I didn't want to miss out on a day by accident.

by Tegan at 5:40 PM Seattle time

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I Just Love It!

Ok, Mark Evanier already blogged this, but it's just too funny to pass up:

Bush told his senior aides Tuesday that he "didn't want to see any stories" quoting unnamed administration officials in the media anymore, and that if he did, there would be consequences, said a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used.

And now, I'm turning off my computer because of this windstorm outside.

by Tegan at 8:54 PM Seattle time

Rapid Reviews - 15 October 2003 - Part I

Smallville: Extinction [3-03]: Was this a not-so-subtle jab at the first season's "freak of the week" episodes? For whatever reason, this one didn't work well for me at all. It felt like an attempt to get everyone back to status quo. If I sat back and just watched, I enjoyed it, but the moment I started thinking about it I felt a slight disappointment. 3 1/2 starfish

Green Arrow #31: Oh my. You just don't see this much in the DCU. While the character involved was a new character, the story played with an established character's history and future. I don't know, it just seemed. Forced. I enjoyed most of the story, but the ending didn't work for me. 3 1/2 starfish

JSA #53: Not bad, not bad. This book still has far too many characters running around in different plots for my tastes. Luckily, the book kept the focus on the main plotline and that worked. And, because of all the different plots, the cliffhanger could come from any direction, and came from one I wasn't expecting. Definitely not bad. 4 starfish

by Tegan at 6:29 PM Seattle time

To Sleep- Perchance to Dream

I never intended to blog about my depression.

It's a "taboo" subject. Talking about it always opens you up to ignorant people. They call you crazy, say you need to be committed. They don't understand, so they react with stupidity. And there was a stigma attached to any kind of mental illness for so long, it is still something that people simply refuse to talk about.

I made the mistake of believing that the world had matured enough that talking about a serious mental illness that is incredibly widespread would not get me teased and insulted.

I was wrong.

To my immense disgust, quite a few people responded to me via e-mail and also on the late and unlamented Heraldnet forums, calling me a freak, a nutjob, a crazy woman who's husband can't be trusted (?), and other ignorant rants. I was told I should be committed. I was told that I should just go ahead and commit suicide, that the world would be better without me.

I'll just let the words of those people speak for them.

Depression is very common. It's also very misunderstood. If someone had sat down and explained to me what depression is when I was a teenager, I would have been spared years of agony. And in the middle of my worst bout of depression in ten years, that's what I was thinking about. I was thinking about how writing about my pain might help someone else realize that what they were going through was not abnormal. Maybe it would even convince somebody to go get help. And I was hoping I would get some words of encouragement to help me along, too. I never expected the sheer hate.

You know, depression is part of my life. I have been dealing with it for over thirty years. If I cannot write about something that has impacted me so profoundly throughout my life, can I even call myself a writer?

And so I refuse to accept the harassment. I turn all the insults and nasty suggestions back upon their writers. Their ignorance astounds me. Blogs, for all their faults and wonder, are one way to fight ignorance. Now that I've started talking about my depression, I'm not going to stop. If it comes up again, I'll write about it. It's my blog, my life. And, unfortunately, depression is a part of that.

by Tegan at 2:06 PM Seattle time

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Dang. No end-of-the-world series this year.

by Tegan at 10:01 PM Seattle time

O frabjous day! Calloh! Callay!

Not feeling as depressed today, huzzah.

News of the strike: The judge presiding over the injunction hearing recognized the ultimate futility of forcing the teachers back to work, and put her finger on the heart of the problem. She ordered the district and the union back to the negotiation table for at least 8 hours a day for the next four days, and if they don't come up with an agreement, she'll see them 9am Monday morning. Frankly, I wish the mediator had done this five weeks ago. At least the judge is smart enough to figure out who needs a smack down! Hopefully both sides will work out something that can get the kids back to school starting Monday.

I want to point out that an AT-AT from Empire Strikes Back looks really cool attacking the Space Needle.

by Tegan at 5:58 PM Seattle time

Ultimate Crossovers

No, I'm not talking Marvel vs DC. It's been done. I'm talking about the ones that you think of that are too silly to work, but still seem pretty cool. I've got two here, see if you can think of others.

In the world of Pokemon, young Ash Ketchum is on a Pokemon journey. His goal is to learn all about the Pokemon of the world, and to capture and train a few to fight for him in arenas set up for the purpose. When battling, Ash tosses a special Pokeball that contains the Pokemon into the arena, shouting the name of the monster and "I choose you!" Well, this naturally led me to think of the best fighters in the universe. Indeed, one formidable warrior from my youth sprang to mind when I saw young Ash battling, and I can't help but wonder if he would win every battle that started with "Miss Piggy, I choose YOU!" Across the battlefield goes the valiant pig, and when the opponent says, "A talking pig? Don't you have any REAL Pokemon?" Miss Piggy would respond with her wonderful temper and her "HAIIII-YA!" kick and punch, and ... oops, she's just taken down Ash's opponent, not the Pokemon.

Ok, maybe that one wouldn't work at all. But still, I get the giggles thinking about it. "Kermit, I choose you!" Hey, it's no more silly than "Mr Mime".

The other one I can think of is a mix of two favorite children's shows. Yes, that's right, it's SPONGEBOB THE BUILDER! "Can We Build A Pineapple Under The Sea?" "Yes We Can!"

Right... I think I'll just shut up now...

by Tegan at 11:54 AM Seattle time

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

People Who Harass Others For A Difference Of Opinion Are Scumholes

I've had the theme from MASH going through my head all day. Anyway, here's an update on my situation.

I have the information about the person who attempted to get me fired. I have not yet decided whether to file a police report for harassment, but that is an option. The follow-up note was actually quite funny (my boss' husband responded to the person for more information, and got a longer response back). Apparently, this person believes I'm a witch because of my curse posts. I would say that the person can't read, since I included the words "A rant without effect. A scream of rage and pain that will go unheeded." in the first one and "...this is full of rage, and in the end is absolutely meaningless. It may be a curse, but it will have no effect. It's just venting." in the second one. See, it was just venting. Duh. So not only is this person so utterly despicable that they attempted to get me fired from my job, but this person is also too stupid to even understand what venting is.

I know the curses were overboard. They are the form my anger from the last month and half took. I had to get that out of my system. It was festering in there, and I had to express it or I would have exploded. To be accused of witchcraft for venting in a formal manner is just ... unbelievable. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Apparently free speech isn't even allowed on blogs. I can't even vent without someone trying to get me fired. People are so stupid.

In other strike news. Tony123 got his audience with the qu-- er, superintendent, and she turned on the charm for him. He recorded the whole session, which included the High School Principal and the finance director. He left confused, which was actually expected. We hope that after he goes over the discussion a few times, he'll get a better idea of what was said and why. If any of the answers he got results in us understanding the district's stance better, I'll be very happy.

The Heraldnet webmaster is keeping his word, deleting any note that has to do with the Marysville strike. Again, I'm not sure it was the best way to deal with the situation, but I leave it to the webmaster to figure out how to get rid of people harassing others. If they don't have enough people to moderate, then I guess taking it down was the only solution, and that's pretty sad. By the way, if you are coming here because of something posted on the forum or e-mailed to you by a forum member, the decision to block all discussion of the strike was a result of repeated violation of the rules by a handful of people, not because of my phone call. Grow up and stop e-mailing me. Sheesh.

In addition, someone from AIMS actually called the editor of the Herald to cancel her subscription due to the anti-teacher slant, and ended up talking with the editor for an hour, directing him to information about the strike from the teacher's side. If the editor decides to be a newsman instead of a PR firm, the Herald's coverage of the strike might get more fair and balanced in the future. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Tonight there was a forum for the candidates in the next election, held up in Marysville. I'm awaiting word of what defenses the school board members have for their expensive trips and dinners while the school district ran out of money. I expect they'll turn the questions away and answer something else instead. They are all getting pretty good at evading.

Tomorrow is the injunction hearing. With the evidence that's been gathered against the school board, it really rests entirely on how this judge decides to interpret state law. While the judge may decide that the district is at fault, she could still declare the strike illegal. It won't have any effect on the strike, since the teachers will not return to the classrooms unless they have a contract, but it will make life more hellish.

Tomorrow: I will return to regular blogging. I think you've all had enough of the strike for now, right?

by Tegan at 9:46 PM Seattle time

Rapid Reviews - 8 October 2003 - Part V

Heh, I may be suffering from harassment and depression, and angry about the teacher's strike, but I am a member of team comix (or so I'm told) so I'd better live up to the name. Here's my final reviews for last week's books:

World's Best Comics Golden Age Archive Sampler: Yes, these are very representative stories of the Golden Age. It's interesting to note that Superman was always fighting down-to-earth villains in the beginning, but Batman got the wierdos from the start. Anyone unfamiliar with Wonder Woman's history might be very taken aback by the WW story, but that was very normal for her early years. And of course, Plastic Man is just Plastic Man. No pretensions, he just is what he ought to be. Well, I enjoyed it, and I hope DC publishes more Samplers. 3 1/2 starfish

Fallen Angel #4: The word "gross" doesn't even begin to describe it. The problem with this book now is that I'm pretty much interested in one aspect of it, but PAD is backing off that aspect to build up another. I'm more interested in who or what Lee is than I am in the current plotline. That's not really a good state of affairs. 3 1/2 starfish

Warning: After the recent problems with CrossGen, you may want to take any of my reviews of CrossGen books with a grain of salt, as I may be filtering my perceptions through mud-colored glasses.

Crossovers #8: Afrodite? Oh, please. Still, I love the character, even if the name is a little wince-worthy. This is definitely still a fun book, and I think it's beginning to build again. 4 starfish

El Cazador #2: The artwork is simply... wonderful. The coloring could be better, but it mostly suits. But the story is again not as much as I was expecting. It still seems to be lacking something major. If I figure out what that is, I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, Epting's artwork is enough to keep me buying. 3 1/2 starfish

Coming this week: Girl Genius, Batman Adventures, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and JSA. Small week.

by Tegan at 11:11 AM Seattle time

A Note To Make Some Stupid People Happy

They seem to think that we're joined at the brain. I'm speaking of the unspeakable: the people who regularly post to the Heraldnet forums. The Everett Herald is an ok newspaper, but their editorial department has a definite anti-teacher slant. Worse, they have a forum for people of the community, but no one moderates it. This had led to it becoming the worst kind of message board. You know the type, a board where if you write anything contrary to the prevailing opinion you are immediately labeled something rude and attacked mercilessly.

I gave up on the Heraldnet forums quite awhile ago when I realized there was almost no value there. The signal to noise ratio was horrible. The webmaster at the Herald ought to be ashamed of himself for letting it get that bad. I thought that I would just ignore it and go on with my life, but they won't leave me alone.

Seems that some anti-teacher activist wannabe found my curses against the people who are trying to destroy the school district, and my family in the process. This wannabe, who was very offended that I would DARE express my anger at anti-teacher scumbags like itself (my curses must've hit home), then posted my website address to the board, and the rudeness of the board took over from there. I'm sure that the scumhole who tried to get me fired is one of those pathetic hypocrites.

And now I'm getting e-mails. While a handful have been supportive, there are some of the most bizarre accusations against me. The funniest is that I tried to incite a crowd to riot (???), the most hurtful are people who laugh at my pain and make fun of the fact that I suffer from depression. My curses may have wished pain on people, but I take no joy in that. These people on the Heraldnet forums are happy that I'm suffering. That's just sick. They think I need help? They need to look in a mirror and realize that they've just sunk to a level below humanity itself.

And some folks have been sending me threads from the forums that are about me. Thanks, but no thanks. All I see when I read them is ignorance, like the idea that my husband and I share all opinions. Like we're joined at the brain or something. Do these people have any concept of individual thought? Do they realize that married couples don't always have the same opinions? They insult my husband because of MY opinions. What utter dorks. I only hope their children will turn out smarter than them, which should not be difficult.

So, there you have it. I'm aware of the pathetic folks at the Heraldnet forums who want so badly to be noticed that they'll insult anyone in the hopes they will respond. Here's my response. I hope this note gives some meaning to your life. Carry on laughing. Every note you write about me, safely anonymous hiding behind a made-up name, just proves how contemptible you are.

Update: I made an angry phone call to the Herald's Webmaster, and asked him to remove all the personal insults and my web address from the forums. I also suggested he take down the forums, clean 'em up, and reintroduce them moderated. Apparently my words, on top of the garbage that was already there, had some effect. There is now a moratorium in effect for all discussion of the Marysville Strike. While I'm not sure that's the best solution, it is a solution. It might even stop the harassment, who knows?

by Tegan at 9:16 AM Seattle time

Monday, October 13, 2003

Back from the Big Rally

Teachers from all over the state, and even some from Canada, showed up at the teacher rally to lend moral and financial support. Tales of woe were told, including a very nice summary of the situation from a teacher in the know. Children and parents showed up to offer support, including the very vocal AIMS group that played up for the media and wildly cheered teachers as they entered. I was identified by my shirt and nametag, and many more people than I expected came up and thanked me for my posts on the AIMS message board, and to offer support and encouragement. It was wonderfully energizing and deeply depressing.

I want the strike to end. It won't end with a court injunction. It will only end if the district actually decides to bargain in good faith instead of lying through their teeth. I don't think the district will bargain in good faith unless they are forced. And there is no power in this state besides the teachers willing to stand up to the overwhelming corruption of the Marysville School Board and their unqualified superintendent. I'm afraid. I still can't see this ending. I'm being harrassed, we have almost no income, and I still CANNOT SEE THE END. And people dare to wonder why I curse the people in Marysville who caused this situation?

by Tegan at 9:54 PM Seattle time

Marysville Teacher Strike Update

Since all I've been doing today is strike related, I'll stick with the topic for now. I spent three very cold hours sitting on the corner of Seventh and State in Marysville holding a sign that directed people to for more information on the strike. The teachers were fairly supportive of my sit-in, most of them thanked me at one point or another.

A news radio reporter came over to bug us at one point, from KIRO. He tried to surprise us into a reaction by saying, "The district has filed an injunction, what do you think?" I told him I was a teacher supporter and that I think the school board is full of idiots. I don't think he used that clip.

Lots of people yelled at me while I sat on the corner. One idiot woman yelled that I was a lazy teacher because I wasn't walking. I roared back, "I'M NOT A TEACHER!" and she drove off. People who read my $300,000 sign (today's first entry) seemed taken aback. One guy parked his car and came over and asked about my numbers. He was impressed, I think, and promised to visit the website. I suspect that if most of the people in Marysville knew the facts, they would side with the teachers and demand the recall of the current school board. There are some that just don't care, but most people are good at heart and if they only realized how much money the board was wasting, they would be appalled.

After I got home, there was a message for me from my boss at work. I called her up to talk, and found out that she was concerned about me. Seems that some jerk took my curses against the school board and doctored them up somehow and e-mailed them to my boss with some sort of indication that I'm not fit to be employed. Yes, someone USED MY BLOG ENTRIES TO TRY AND GET ME FIRED. I hope she saved the e-mail, because I'd like to find the scumhole who did this and have a little chat with him and his service provider. And, who knows, maybe his boss. After all, someone who tries to get a person fired because they have differing opinions probably isn't the best person to have as an employee, don't you think?

Tony's appointment with the superintendent was cancelled because she was at the press conference announcing that the district is going to sue the teachers. Tony is trying to reschedule for tomorrow, and I wish him luck. Any kid willing to get the answers straight from the source is someone to be proud of, and I hope his persistence pays off.

I also got an e-mail from the Seattle Times, indicating that they want to print my letter, but it's over twice the limit, could I please edit it down? I've just finished a very tough rewrite, and I hope they will publish it. I believe I hit all the important points, despite having to get it under 200 words (it was at 423 words). My, I am rather wordy, aren't I?

Big rally tonight, teachers from across the state are supposed to show up to support the Marysville teachers. I'll be there, and I hope to meet some of the folks from AIMS, who are also trying to save the school district from the school board.

*sigh* I'd give a lot for this strike to be over and for Eric to be back in the classroom, teaching, where he belongs. I hope that I can someday look back at all this and laugh. Right now I'm so bitter about it that it seems like I'll never be happy again.

by Tegan at 3:51 PM Seattle time

On The Line

No, the stupid strike is not over yet. The district made an offer that was only a little better than the last one, the teachers made a counter-offer, and the district once again stopped bargaining. So it's back to the picket lines instead of the classrooms.

I will be with my hubby today on the lines, and at a rally tonight for the teachers and teacher supporters. I don't know if I'll have another chance to blog. I made myself a sign that says "$300,000 for PR, $18,000 for the HS Science Department, And you wonder why the teachers are upset? Erase the board" Luckily, the forecast today calls for sun, so it should be a mostly pleasant walk on the line.

The district has resorted to some further dirty tactics. They apparently bought a phone machine in August that can be programmed to call all the district's parents with a pre-recorded message. They used it over the weekend to falsely report that school would likely be back in session on Monday. Lots of kids picked up the phone, heard that message, and wrongly assumed the strike was over. Even if the bargaining had worked, school would not have started until Tuesday, and they sent the calls out before negotiation was complete. There are a lot of disappointed kids in Marysville this morning.

And so I go to battle evil in the only way I can. I just wish the media would actually make an effort to report the facts, instead of just passing on whatever they hear from the district PR machine.

by Tegan at 7:45 AM Seattle time

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Some Finished Business...

So, you want to see my new micro LEGO sets? I can't take pictures of them because I don't have a camera, digital or otherwise, but I went ahead and scanned the promo pictures from the boxes and instructions. So, here they are:

These images do not do them justice. The Space Needle is cleverly designed with a base I would call amazingly simple and elegant. It's not a terribly solid model, but it looks a lot like the Space Needle, just really, really small. The Ferry is extremely solid. For those of us who've seen ferries at a distance on the water all our lives, it looks exactly right, too. Again, there are design elements that are very simple and elegant, the kind of things that you look at and say, "D'oh! I wish I'd thought of that!"

In addition, I thought you all might want to see my "proof" that I donated hair to Locks of Love. Here's the certificate I received just a few days ago indicating that they had received my hair:

Unfortunately, my luck didn't seem to change with the hair cut, but then I knew it wasn't a sure thing going into it. I'll have to find some other way to change my luck.

by Tegan at 2:53 PM Seattle time

Rapid Reviews - 8 October 2003 - Part IV

1602 Part One: "For a whole week the skies over London have been blood red at noon..." So starts the mini-series that everyone seems to be talking about. And yes, we finally succumbed to the draw and bought it for ourselves. Lucky our retailer had all three issues so far, or we would have stuck to our original plan and bought the trade when it came out. So, what did I think? It was fascinating. You all know I love Elseworlds, and this comes across as the ultimate in Marvel Elseworlds, with the added twist of it supposedly being in continuity. So what is the key? Which characters match modern ones? While this issue is all set-up, I was impressed by how many characters were fit in, and how well I was able to identify them, despite not being a big Marvel fan, without the help of Jess Nevins' Annotations. 3 1/2 starfish

1602 Part Two: Interesting how the front cover has a maze, and who should be in the center? Yes, Virginia, there is a key to this tale. Beast is one of my favorite characters of the Marvel Universe, and he shows up early in this issue. As for the rest, the mystery deepens. There is clearly something up with Ms Dare, but what? Who is she? Jess Nevins' Annotations. 3 1/2 starfish

1602 Part Three: So I hear of some people being proud that they managed to stop themselves from picking up this issue. I'm not sure why, as this is the most interesting one yet, bringing in The Watcher, even! The mystery surrounding Dare continues to build, as she must be the key, but how? This is a very Neil Gaiman-like book, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Jess Nevins' Annotations. 4 starfish

If the above links to Jess' annotations don't work, try the mirror site.

Still to review: Fallen Angel, World's Best Sampler, Crossovers and El Cazador.

by Tegan at 10:16 AM Seattle time