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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tiny Thoughts

The Comic Foundry has The Ultimate Convention Guide by Andy Schmidt and Jim Demonakos, for all you folks headed to San Diego.


Driving Advice and a nice Road Rage Quiz. I didn't do too well on the quiz.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

Girl Genius continues to make fans happy by giving them three doses of Agatha's antics a week instead of having to wait months for a new issue. And since I was getting the collections as well, the move to webcomics actually has saved me the money I would have spent on single issues. I find myself wishing that more comics would go to this format. It really works for Girl Genius.

A second episode of Statler & Waldorf's From The Balcony has been posted.

Franklin Harris reports that K-9 may return for an episode of new Doctor Who. I hope that, if he does, he gets an upgrade.

Garrett tells us about Google Map Transparencies which superimpose a map over the satellite image.

Fascinating discussion on "theft of wi-fi" over on Metafilter. I haven't encrypted our latest router yet because whenever I do, one of the computers can't connect, and the range is fairly limited as well. You pretty much have to be on our property to use it. I'm undecided on this issue.

D&D LARPers (Live Action Role-Players) get in a fight with "hipster" zombies, links at Boing Boing.

The Daily Burn lists some Superhero Prose for folks to hunt down. I've read a couple, but most of them are new to me.

Crisis/Boring Change is another comic book blog with some interesting commentary. Check it out.

Suspension of Disbelief answers a burning question. Um. 'k.

Dorothy's Journal points out a page listing The Dark Side of Oz, which I bet hubby-Eric already knows about, but I didn't. Of the Oz items listed, only four of them are unfamiliar to me, and all the comic books are stuff I made sure hubby-Eric got for his collection.

The Spriggan Experiment appears to be a success, as Lawrence Watt-Evans has stated in his last e-mail that almost all the novel is now paid for, and the finished book will run between 30 and 35 chapters. The first 12 chapters are already up on-line.

Potterpuffs save the Day! Not entirely safe for children.

For more information about the London Terrorist Attack, possibly the best coverage on the web is at wikipedia.

Billmon somehow manages to sum up all my feelings about the act of treason involving the outing of CIA agent Plame.

Mark Evanier points to the dollar cost of the Iraq war.

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I'm Leaving Blogging The Fantastic Four!

So thanks to a friend (Thanks Jim!), I got to see a preview of Fantastic Four last night, in the midst of tons of other chaos. The movie was great. I would call it a perfect popcorn movie. If you are expecting it to be high art, go somewhere else. But if you want a decent adaptation of a comic book, this is it.

I wouldn't say it's as good as Spidey or X-Men, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The effects were breathtaking, and Michael Chiklis was born to play Ben Grimm. Stan Lee's cameo was unexpectedly funny. Kerry Washington's part was particularly appreciated by me (as I just say her in Ray recently), and she pulled it off wonderfully.

All told, a nice solid movie, worth a matinee for sure... and I might even pay full price if I wanted to see it again. I'll probably get the DVD as well.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

To Everyone In London

Our thoughts and our hearts go out to you today.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I made it!!!! I have the full amount!!!! YES!!!!!


I just got a donation that finished out the minimum goal for The 3-Day Walk!

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am Sister Holy Axe of Courteous Joy! What's your Unitarian Jihad name? Via Mary Kay.

If that doesn't rock your boat, why not try The First Church of Galactus?

For hardcore Doctor Who fans only: The Dalek Song.

Johnny B links to a Micro-Heroes site, and I once again found myself downloading tons of Aquaman icons. Sigh.

Absorbascon wants to bring back O.G.R.E. Oddly enough, Shaun McLaughlin intended to do just that in his short-lived run on Aquaman.

Eskimo does have 32 words for snow. Sort of.

The Algebra of Final Jeopardy. How to bet when you get to the end of the game. Via Various and Sundry.

Metafilter goes Haiku.

The announcement of the 2012 Olympic site is coming soon. The odds are against New York. I suspect it will be Paris, myself, but I'm usually wrong on this sort of thing.

Boing Boing directs us to some Japanese Star Trek Artwork.

Waiting for Bigfoot. A live video feed has been set up in a remote Northern California forest with the hope of catching Bigfoot in the act. A research project? No! This is a piece of performance art.

Political Links: Daily Kos on Asking Questions, a summary of the treason committed by someone in the Bush Administration in the Plame affair, and more on chickenhawks.

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The BBBB Breast Cancer 3-Day Benefit Drawing

TWO MORE DAYS! That's right, only two more days until the deadline for donations. I still need $165 to Walk. I'm hoping some folks will chip in and make up that amount for me. And, if you do, you can ask for an entry in my drawing and get some pretty cool prizes.

The Walk itself is in less than three weeks... wish me luck, I'm going to need some.
  • This will be a basic drawing. I will put the names in a hat and get a friend to draw them out.
  • For every $15 that you donate to the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day for me I'll give you one entry.
  • Online donations must be made by July 7th. Donations made after the 7th will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • In addition to your donation, you must E-Mail me ( with a subject line of "3-Day Drawing" and indicate that you want to be included in the drawing.
  • There will be multiple prize packages, which haven't been set in stone yet.
  • You can win multiple times (up to three times per person).
  • I will be paying for all shipping charges within the United States. If you do not live in the US, please contact me before entering.
  • The drawing will be held AFTER the 3-Day walk, probably on July 31st, to give me time to recover from The Walk.
  • The decisions of the judge (me) are final and cannot be disputed.

Prizes so far (will be combined into prize packages):

  • Street Angel 1-5, including an autographed copy of the mini-comic
  • Egg Story
  • Ninety Candles (thank you Erin!)
  • Abadazad 1-3 Set
  • Bricktop A1 Special
  • The Dave Johnson Sketchbook
  • Codeflesh
  • Last of the Independents
  • The Couriers 02: Dirtbike Manifesto
  • Channel Zero: Jennie One
  • The Annotated Mantooth
  • Filler
  • Brath 7-13
  • Doctor Who #1 (Oct-84) and some other Doctor Who goodies
  • Some Superman books
  • A variety of Heroclix

The goal of this project is to get enough donations that I can participate in the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. I will still do the drawing even if I do not get enough contributions, but I'll certainly be happier about it if I do make my goal.

Please feel free to promote this drawing elsewhere, on blogs or message boards (as long as it's on-topic, darnit. No spamming!). The more donations I get, obviously the more happy I'll be.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

As the town fills with booms in the distance (who lets off fireworks at 7 freakin' am in the morning?!??) I want to wish you all a happy holiday. I hope you and your pets stay safe today. Go read this:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

And look here:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Flipping Through Previews...

Yes, it's that time again... time for "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". I'm going to start with the bulk of the book, and then come back and cover the "big four" at the end. Please remember, I'm listing what looks interesting. My actual purchase list is going to be much smaller. The numbers after each title are usually the page number in Previews Magazine, so you can follow along at home.

Let's start with the covers. Or maybe not. They are both really boring this month. Nothing of interest here.

Moving on, let's hit the Splash Page (8-9). I like the idea of T-shirts being sold in clamshell packaging. Good for the customers, good for the store... I wish I could get shirts at the shop I work at in clamshells... as long as the packaging shows clearly what is on the shirt, front and back. The only problem with that is that a few customers always insist on looking at the sizing of the shirts, since sometimes a large is a medium and sometimes it's an extra large.

Also of interest is the Halloween Ashcans. There's no way Eric and I can compete with last year's loot bag, but we certainly intend to get these ashcans as we do every year. Kids who come to our house will leave with a candy bar and a comic book at the very least (as long as they dress up and say the magic Hallowe'en threat).

Another item of interest to me is Heroclix DC Icons. There will be an Aquaamn figure in this set, and I will get it. Absolutely. The rest I don't care about, but I'll get Aquaman for sure.

And now let's go into the regular Previews... as usual, let's skip over the Big Four (at least all the pages are here this month) and start with Wizard (190-196). Not much to look forward to in that section.

So into the Featured Items Section (198-201) we go, tra-la-la. First item of note is Smoke & Guns from AiT/Planet Lar, which as you may recall from my preview was not to my liking, but oh you gotta check out the artwork! Next item of note for me is Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #11. I don't love The Simpsons, but hubby-Eric enjoys the show a lot. The only exception to my lack of enthusiasm of The Simpsons is the annual Treehouse of Horror show, and the companion comic book. So, yes, we'll be getting it. The last item of note is Polly & The Pirates, which looks like it could be a fun all-ages book, only I'm getting a little tired of pirates. Arrr.

And now I'm into the bulk of the comic's listing. This is going to take awhile.

First up is Sherman's Room from After Hours Press (210). A quick search didn't find a website for the publisher, only this minimal website for the comic. I'd prefer a little more information before jumping into a series, even if it's by Chris Eliopoulos (whose work I'm slightly familiar with already).

AiT/Planet Lar (210) is up next with several offerings. First is Ursula, which you ought to get if you haven't already. The same could be said for Colonia Volume 1: Islands & Anomalies. Speaking of Colonia, the second trade is being solicited - Colonia Volume 2: On Into The Great Lands. I wouldn't mind getting it, but I suspect our money situation is going to make us delay this one for awhile. I will own it eventually, just maybe not right away. Lastly is the already-mentioned Smoke & Guns, with art by Fabio Moon, who also worked on Ursula.

Ok... into the confusing listings for Alias (210-219). First up would be Lullaby #1, which apparently takes up from where Lullaby: Wisdom Seeker leaves off. We'll have to see about that one. Another item of interest that I won't be buying is Armorquest, which was mentioned in today's Seattle Times. We'll likely get Opposite Forces #3.

Next up is Antarctic Press (224-228). I'm afraid the only thing we'll be buying from them is Oz: The Manga #4, but I can say already that we'll both enjoy it, as the first two issues were REALLY good. I expect them to collect this series into Manga-Digests, and we'll have to get the collection too. But I'm glad to get the series, as the covers so far have been nicely iconic. This issue has Dorothy's face.

How's this for a lineup of horror comics creators: John Severin, Angelo Torres, Al Willamson, Mark Schultz, Len Wein, Berni Wrightson, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan? Guess what book they're doing this month? Yup... Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #11 from Bongo Comics (247). Yeah, that's a keeper. Hubby-Eric will also want Futurama #21.

Now, just in case you haven't had enough of Oz and Oz-related books, (252) has the zero issue of The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0. If you want to see a little more of this, the first few pages are available at The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles Message Board.

Clib's Boy Comics (253) is next with the unmissable True Story, Swear To God #15, in which Tom goes into the comic book business at Lily's urging. Seriously, buy this comic. If you haven't bought it, you'll never know what you are missing. So get it. Now. Seriously.

I really would like to get the SPX 2005 Anthology from CBLDF (253), but I'm not sure I can swing it, and I'm never sure what will be in it. Maybe if we win the lotto by the time I turn the order in (which would be a neat trick, since I'm not buying lotto tickets).

Evil Twin Comics (281) has me hooked, and I think I'll have to get both Action Philsopher's Self Help For Stupid Ugly Losers and Action Philosophers #1 (2nd Printing). Looks like fun.

The next volume of the Complete Peanuts is solicited through Fantagraphics (284). Again, it's a pity the cover designs are so ugly, at least the comics inside are reprinted ok. There is also a slipcase box set of volumes 3 & 4.

FC9 (287) has Genie #4, which could be something truly interesting if the first issue is any indication. I think we'll be getting it.

Moving into another publisher, IDW Publishing (297-303) has The Keep, adapted by the original author F Paul Wilson into a comic book to make up for the crappy movie. We'll also be getting Angel: The Curse #4, since the first issue was fun.

Illusive Productions (304) is collecting the first four chapters of their Oz book, the somewhat fumetti-style Dorothy. I recommend this to anyone who wants to see lush illustrations along with a solid, and original, story. Look for a joint review from hubby-Eric and I of the first three chapters of this book on The Wonderful Blog Of Oz soon.

Flipping further, Moronik Comics (310) has a couple of slightly promising sounding books. Ok, so the company name doesn't inspire confidence, and the titles themselves, Bug Girl and Dirtboy don't sound overwhelmingly amazing, the descriptions still intrigue. And there are sample pages on the website, so check 'em out.

I somehow think that hubby-Eric will want The Tick: Days of Drama #2 from New England Press (314), since we ordered issue one.

Oni Press (314-315) has Polly & The Pirates from the creator of Courtney Crumrin. It looks like a fun adventure.

Pantheon Books (315-316) has a boxed set of Persepolis that would make a nice gift for just about anyone.

Amelia Rules #15 is resolicited from Renaissance Press (316). This was previously solicited as Amelia Rules Superheroes #5.

Seven Seas Entertainment (320) is a publisher of original Manga... including Captain Nemo and Unearthly. Both look very interesting, and I'd love to check them out.

Speakeasy Comics (322-332) has been a good little effort, and we'll get Beowulf #6. I'm not sure about any of the other books, but we'll keep getting that.

There's a collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation Comics coming out from Titan Publishing (333). I don't know that we'll get it, but it's nice to see it coming out.

From Tokyopop (337-358), I see some of the books from the free on-line preview. The first up is I Luv Halloween, and I also see Dramacon. Apparently you can also get their free print mag through Previews, but it's not free to retailers. So far, Viz still has Tokyopop beat, but once I see Takuhai in my mailbox, if it ever actually comes out, they might change my opinion.

Top Shelf (360) has the third volume of Owly. I've recently become a big fan of Owly, and I wouldn't mind getting all of them. I'm afraid it won't be soon, but I'll get them sometime.

Viz Comics (364-374) has a lot of neat stuff that I'm now a little better versed in. Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump are both good investments if you want serious Manga samplers... though I recommend subscribing instead of buying at a shop, because it's a lot cheaper that way... half the cost. I would like to get Hikaru No Go, but I really want to get all of the earlier ones first.

WizKids Games (536) has the DC Icons set, which will have an Aquaman figure. I plan on getting the Aquaman figure, rookie-experienced-veteran for sure. Somehow.

There's one DVD I really want... page 544. Hikaru No Go Volume 1 DVD. I've seen some of the fansubs of the Anime, and it's excellent. I really want to see them in English.

That's the end of the book, time to turn around and head back to the big four at the beginning. I think I'll start with Dark Horse today.

I'll be getting a couple of books from Dark Horse Comics (17-52), including Conan #20. I'd like to get the trade Conan Volume 2: The God In The Bowl and Other Stories. I'll also get Usagi Yojimbo #87 and Samurai Executioner Volume 8.

Image Comics (129-175) has a few. I would like to get Ronin Hood of the 47 Samurai, but I'm not sure we'll be able to swing it. A couple of other trades I wouldn't mind include Invincible and Shadowhawk. I will be getting Noble Causes #14, but that might actually be the only one.

Almost done... Marvel Comics (178)... I haven't yet decided if I'll get either of the Supreme Power minis. If I do, I'll get the one written by JMS. I'll get Amazing Spider-Man, but that looks like it's about it.

DC Comics is the last one on the list. I just get through these, and I can finish for the month.

Batman (57-63): Nothing of interest at all.

Superman (64-68): I'm ever so slightly interested in Shazam/Superman: First Thunder #1, but I don't think I'm going to start another mini-series at the moment. Nothing else is interesting to me.

DC Universe (69-89): Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Absolute Edition looks good, but I don't think I'd want to spend $100 on yet another reprint of that same old story. I know I'll be getting Aquaman #34, Birds of Prey #86, Day of Vengeance #6, Green Lantern #5, Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1, JLA #118, JLA #119, JLA Classified #12, JSA #77, JSA Classified #3, Legion of Super-Heroes #10, Outsiders #28, Plastic Man #18, Rann/Thanagar War #5, Seven Soldiers: Guardian #4, and Villains United #5. Other books I might get... The Flash #226. I haven't decided about Green Arrow #54, but there's a decent chance we won't get it. I'd like to get Sgt Rock's Combat Tales and The Secret of the Swamp Thing in digest-size, but we may have to wait on that. I also would like to get Showcase Presents Superman and Showcase Presents: Green Lantern, as I'd like to support any reprints of older stuff, but those aren't likely to get on our list. I'm also not sure about Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1.

Johnny DC (90-92): We stopped picking up The Batman Strikes!, but we'll get Justice League Unlimited #13.

CMX (93-97): Nothing of interest here.

Wildstorm (98-109): Astro City: The Dark Age #4. Naturally.

Vertigo (110-122): Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere #4.

DC Direct (123-128): Nothing of interest here.

And there it is... all of Previews. I'm finally all the way through. Huzzah. So that's it for this month's "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". Comments? Questions? Did I miss any really cool books that you know about and would like to point out? Do you disagree with something I wrote, and want to correct me? There's the comments, right below. Post something. And, yes, I accept review copies. I'm willing to give almost anything a try.

Note: I've posted a mostly Oz-focused version of this at The Wonderful Blog of Oz.

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