Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've been having fun with a comic book trivia game, and thus paying little attention to blogging the last couple of days. And, of course, Aquaman news keeps popping up. So, no real blogging today. Sorry.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Lava Jaguar Go

Ah, fun with Anagram Generators. Thanks for the link, Elayne.

Not only is Castle Waiting coming back, but Linda Medley has also started a Cafe Press store with neat Castle Waiting stuff. I need to request a pin for my fanbag...

If you wonder why there is a shortage of Special Education teachers, just read a few entries of this journal, written by a spec ed teacher. Regular teachers get this sort of crap, too, just usually without as much violence. Via Dryad.

Fascinating discussion of copyright on Making Light. Read the comments. I have no problem with an author having control of their own work for his/her entire life, nor do I have a problem with extending that to 20 years beyond the author's death (to support any children). It's the way that corporations own copyrights that are effectively perpetual that bothers me.

Make Einstein write on the chalkboard.

I didn't think it would work on me, but this video about an autistic basketball player did bring tears to my eyes.

Wanna watch a Supernova? A mysterious explosion spotted by astronomers might be the beginnings of one.

Boing Boing links to a website where you can view sex offenders in your neighborhood. I put in the address of one of the local elementary schools and was slightly disturbed to find a sex offender whose crime was listed as "child molestation" living less than two blocks from the school. Especially since there are three elementary schools clustered right there (two private schools and one public).

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bonus Random Thoughts

More Comic Book Urban Legends. I'm really enjoying this feature.

This article answers some questions I had about the interviews they do on The Daily Show. No, they don't tell the "victims" that it's a comedy show.

Remember the Green Cross Code! (and use it!)

Update: Three days in a row, the Bizarro comic has made me laugh. CSI: Oz, Batman & Robin, and LEGO Gangsters.

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Massive Linkdump

The Monosyllabic* History of Comics. Heh. I like.

Polite Scott has a PSA from an Aquaman comic. I remember that one.

Pal Dorian amuses me. Thank you Dorian.

If you have the Mirrormask DVD, Querldox wants to hear from you.

DC Direct at Toy Fair.

So, what's a bub?

I've been enjoying Tales from the Slush Pile in the Publishers Weekly e-mail newsletter, and now you can read them on-line too.

The Beat asks a question that I was also curious about. Hmmm.

Some calming words about the new AOL and Yahoo bulk e-mail charges.

Diane Duane decides to e-publish her book, using a similar format as Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Mmmmm Chocolate tasting.

Remember that lady who lost her camera in Hawai'i, and got news that somebody had found it, only to learn that they didn't want to return it? Cory Doctorow has been threatened with a lawsuit for reporting the story. How odd is that? The original story can be found here.

Fun with LEGO: video game scenes recreated, Brokeback Mountain scenes recreated, and Cheney with gun.

Use Cornrows to teach fractals.

Rachel Hartman has search YouTube for Sesame Street Clips. One of my favorites. All the yipyipaliens were my favorites.

Anti-piracy officer misses the point of Open Source Software.

How would you like a computer that can solve a problem without asking the question?

I always wonder when an Ask Yahoo question like this one about athlete in the Olympics is followed up by one about marrying cousins.

The Pi Song via hubby-Eric.

Weekly TiVo ratings and Weekly Nielson ratings.

All Hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Phillippine Urban Legends.

Head of Copyright Office admits extending copyrights was a mistake. I have issues with copyright the way it stands now. It's hard to get access to stuff that was published a long time ago and has little value to the copyright owners. If there was a "publish or pay" clause that made people either pay a fee or publish the work to keep the copyright, I wouldn't mind it so much. But right now, copyright terms are way too long with no incentive to keep the works in print.

Colleen Doran shares some news.

We are living in Bizarro world: President Bush today defended his administration's decision to allow a company from an Arab country to operate six major U.S. ports, saying, "People don't need to worry about security."

Meanwhile, the situation in Iraq is as tense as it could be. Let's hope for peace.

And over in Australia: Musician, author and publisher Henry Rollins (Roomanitarian) is being investigated by the Australian government after a fellow airplane passenger was "disturbed" at the book he was reading. *sigh*

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Distracted by Aquaman

First off, there's a six page preview of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40 over at Newsarama. This has led to a bit of discussion here and there, so I've been reading and sometimes commenting.

Then, of course, there's the various bits and bobs of news about the TV pilot, which luckily is keeping up on. I don't feel like repeating it all here, so go check out the site.

And so I've been a bit distracted of late. Not doing a lot of blogging. So please forgive me, and go find somewhere else for fun. I'll do a linkdump tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Castle Waiting News

Get thyselves to Studio Olio to read the latest on Castle Waiting:
The CASTLE WAITING regular ongoing series will indeed return this summer, from Fantagraphics.
There are also new sample pages up. Go and read now!

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Lazy Holiday

Well, as I usually get Mondays off, this wasn't that much different than a normal Monday, except that hubby-Eric was around. All-in-all, not a bad day. But I don't really feel like blogging, so go find something interesting to read elsewhere.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Splattered Thoughts

Warren Ellis insults the Nerd Prom in his typical fashion. Joss Whedon (yes, really) replies. I think I mentioned that I don't want to go to Nerd Prom, but not for the same reasons as Ellis.

Here's an excellent article on the instinctive mathematical ability of dogs.

Speaking of Math, I wasn't going to comment on the remarkably stupid column by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post, and now I don't have to. Dave said everything I would have said, much much better. I will say this: Algebra is extremely easy to understand: I have personally taught fourth graders with success, and we sell books in the store I work at that aim to teach first graders. And I'm one of the folks who had trouble with algebra in high school. Unfortunately, your success in algebra depends heavily on your teacher's ability to teach while saddled with insanely stupid curricula that emphasize real world over the basics. And it's a crying shame if you don't learn Calculus, which has got to be one of the most beautiful and elegant inventions of mankind.

And, speaking of teaching, hand-waving helps learning.

Free, legal, classical music downloads. My personal favorite piece is part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer: Presto. This version isn't quite perfect, but it's good.

Geeks In Love. Via Kaja.

Colleen Doran wants a Danish: "For every person that brings a Danish Flag, button, or any product of Denmark, including a book or newspaper, I will give you a free head sketch and donate $1 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund."

This story has shown up on both Boing Boing and Metafilter, and makes me incredibly angry every time I read about it. I don't quite agree with the public shaming idea, but I don't think the owner of the camera should give it up to the thieves.

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