Saturday, May 27, 2006

Alex Toth - 1928-2006

Warren Ellis has the bad news, and it's been confirmed by Alex's son on the forum. Rest in Peace, Alex Toth.

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New Who - Idiot's Lantern

No visitors over to watch this one with us tonight. Just hubby-Eric and I. And this was a good little episode. It probably won't make my list of best episodes, but it was a solid little one with a wonderfully bizarre villain who had an extremely bizarre method of... ah... that would be telling. The development of the characters, the human side of the story, continues. Rose dispenses good advice and hunts down the bad guys alone, showing that she's not just window dressing. Although you might wonder when you see her in that dress. All in all a satisfying little one, not as intense or emotional as the last few, but we kind of needed a break from those anyway.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Even More Thoughts

Um. Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #52. Um.

Rachel Hartman has the best underwear post ever. Apparently a danger of being a parent is that you think about these things.

If you are going to scam someone by selling a broken laptop on eBay, wipe the harddrive first! (Not safe for work!)

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Thoughts

Kitten stories. Via Lea.

Colleen links to a great post about Geekness and Women.

Another case of I'll Believe It When I See It. I want to see a Pern movie, but I want to see it done really well.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Bananaphone!

Speaking of annoying noises, teacher-proof cellphone rings? I could hear, barely, the sample sound on the linked website. Barely.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


If there's a dignified way to handle stupid rumors about someone's private life, then Joanne Siegel has done so with her open letter, posted here by Colleen Doran.

Grease Monkey chapter one for free online. Looks like a massively fun book.

Tomorrow is Towel Day. Carry a towel with you all day.

Bird Flu is passing from human to human, but still no need to panic, yet. This is similar to several other cases, but so far it hasn't gotten contagious enough to make the fears of a pandemic real.

Lewis the cat goes to court. The violent cat is the terror of the neighborhood, and his owner is fighting to save him.

Dinosaur species named after Hogwarts. It looks very Hogwarty.

Animal overpass and underpasses, complete with drawings and explanations of how it works. I think these ought to be required on any highway going through major wildlife zones.

"Please fix Scooby Doo because he saved my life." Soldiers bond with robots.

The $100 laptop has been revealed, and there may be a way for me to get my hands on one... this site is trying to get 100,000 people to pledge to buying one for $300, with the extra money going to funding two more for people in developing nations. The project hasn't agreed to it, but it would be cool and I'd love to get one of these.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Couple of Links

To make up for the squirrels:

Augie nails it. I, too, would like to see simple, basic pages that accomplish goals instead of cluttered messes.

World of Warcraft can get you killed. Wowsa. Via Metafilter.

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There are two squirrels... um... enjoying themselves with each other in my front yard. Ah... young love in the Spring.

They'd better hope the neighborhood catwatch doesn't notice their activities and interrupt.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Maybe He Wanted To Go To UW?

A wild bear was killed in Seattle near the University. He was, in fact, finally run down very close to where my in-laws live. It is suspected that this is the same bear that was seen in Shoreline a week ago. The wildlife agents and police tried to capture him, but when he started chasing some cops they tasered him and gave him a second dose of tranquilizer, and that was apparently too much.

What's amazing is how the bear managed to get that far into Seattle without being seen more than (possibly) once. The University District isn't exactly rural. Wildlife officials think he traveled at night eating out of people's garbage cans.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Petition to Save Mercy Reef (Aquaman)... over 1200 1400 1600 signatures now. I haven't gone through to check if they are all positive, but most of them were, the last time I looked. Check it out.

In other news, YouTube has removed the trailer for the pilot, but it's already popped up in other spots on YouTube, including at least one remix. Before it was removed, the trailer was viewed over 100,000 times and was #2 in popularity on YouTube.

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