Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trolling Around Town

I spent most of today being a tourist in Seattle, so here's a picture for you. No other blog entry today.

Fremont Troll

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Friday, July 28, 2006


Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #61.

Doctor Who Money!

Still tracking the Aquaman Pilot, which still continues to sit at #1 on the iTunes Video download list. It's also getting pretty good reviews (average of 4 stars out of over 300 reviews).

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

This One is for the In-Laws

Edge City, a comic strip, has had a bit of a pug run lately. Starting here, the story revolves around Rajiv, who is having troubles with his love life. So he gets a pug, Twinkles. I particularly like this strip, as it makes a fun point about SF fans in comparison to other "fandoms".

Anyway, this is for my in-laws and their pug, Buddy.

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Everyone has a panel at Comicon.

US Navy Safety Photos. This one just frightens me.

Flickr pool of bad parking. Look at all the "compact" SUVs!

Star Wars Theme on a Banjo:

Jim Henley covers all the angles of the newest sports doping scandal.

How stores are using Barry Manilow to "rob" you. A bunch of stuff about how retail stores work on consumers. Funny, but I knew about most of these already...

Rachel Hartman has a House fantasy. Um. Ok. Insanity is inherited: you get it from your kids.

Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada will be appearing on the Colbert Report tonight. Tune in for some laughs.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Danes are Very Forgiving

Remember the lying imam who made up extra cartoons and added them to the Danish ones? The imam whose actions resulted in riots and the burning of Danish embassies? Colleen Doran lets us know where he's been and what he's up to now, and it seems rather ironic, considering the circumstances.

Personally, I would have asked him to stay in Lebanon. He's now hiding behind the flag he burned, and using the embassy he helped to burn down to escape violence.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego Bits

The news will keep filtering in over the next few weeks. Here's what I found of interest today.

Here's a neat round-up of the all-ages stuff at San Diego. I'm particularly happy to see Oddly Normal is going to have a second volume soon.

This article about Dark Horse is fun simply because of the way it ends...

And this article talks about Linda Medley's self-revitalization project: Oz.

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Aquaman Pilot on iTunes

The Aquaman pilot is on iTunes for $2. Unfortunately for those of us who refuse to install iTunes on our computers (it completely screwed up my PC the last time I tried), you cannot get at it unless you have iTunes. This link is supposed to take you directly to it, but I can't check it because iTunes doesn't work on my machine.

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Music video for Kaylee in Firefly

While looking for the real video for this song, I also stumbled across this great Firefly version of Sara Evans' "Born to Fly," dedicated to our favorite engineer. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Powers and Kabuki pull a Girl Genius

Newsarama is going to be posting Powers and Kabuki page by page, just like the Foglios have been doing with Girl Genius for awhile now. I love Powers (I'm still not sure why) and have never tried Kabuki. Who knows, this might get me to buy the trades...

Powers started today: Powers @ Newsarama.

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A Couple of San Diego Links

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

For Hubby-Eric

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Too Hot To Think

Our nice cool house has warmed up quite a bit, because I had most of the lower branches trimmed from the trees out front during the last year. So in the evenings, the sun shines directly in the main windows and heats the house dramatically. I'm beginning to really get warm... but at least I haven't had to sit outside today. According to the temp gauge it's 91F outside right now. Ouch.

How about a few scattered links...

CBR Day 2 Photo Parade at the Comicon. Also, CBR reports on the stopping of ticket sales. If I do go back to San Diego Comicon some year, I plan to spend all day Saturday working booths and not hitting the floor. Also, The Beat has more photos and Newsarama Blog links to good newspaper coverage of the con.

My old friend Paul Cornell (who wrote me into a Doctor Who novel) is writing for Marvel, working on a character I've never heard of. I usually don't buy books for creators, but I might make an exception here. Paul's been a friend of mine for a very long time.

The only interesting Aquaman news I've heard comes from Action Figure Insider, who are reporting that the New Aquaman is getting his own figure in the fourth wave of the First Appearances line along with the new Blue Beetle, The new Atom, Warlord, and modern Martian Manhunter. DC Direct is attempting to bankrupt me.

Action Figure Insider New Aquaman

And yes, I'll be getting this figure. I love the new Aquaman series. There is more mystery and fun than we've had for a long time. Along with undersea intrigue and a whole new status quo to mix it up. At the moment, despite the book's focus being on the new guy, the tale of Orin hasn't yet finished and I'm waiting to see how he returns to normal and gets his throne back... or if he even does manage it. I love the inclusion of Vulko in the last issue, and how everything fits the character perfectly. This is the Vulko I fell in love with when I started reading the books. The scientific skeptic who nonetheless refused to stop learning. It's a shame there will likely never be a Vulko action figure.

Right... the heat has addled my brain. I think I'd better go catch up on reading some comic books. I'm still a few weeks back in reviewing.

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