Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boy, I'm Glad I'm Not Doing This...

The Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk is on in Seattle.

Yesterday, my sister and I went out to a cheering station with spray bottles and gave any Walker who wanted it a spritz of water as they walked by. I got called, "an angel", "a goddess" and a number of other complimentary things. I also saw three of my team members from last year's walk. After four hours of spritzing people out in the hot sun, Lisa and I returned home where I discovered I had managed to get a sunburn despite my precautions... *sigh*

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Happy Birthday, 19th Amendment

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Random Thoughts

Journalista is back! Ah, how I've missed it!

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #65.

DMZ issue #1 for free, legally, through Vertigo.

Here's why you don't approach haunted houses. They may be haunted by the living and incredibly annoyed. Note: I do NOT condone what the homeowner did, he should've called the police.

The 2996 Project: honor the victims, not the criminals. Via Colleen.

Post-Pluto Mnemonics at Boing Boing and From Peter David. I never used a mnemonic myself, I just remembered the planet names: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Plut- oh.

Every issue of the New Yorker on a portable harddrive. For only $300. That's actually impressive. I'd prefer the National Geographic that way, personally... Via MeFi.

Pugs in costume. Yup, for the in-laws. Via MeFi.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

It's a stupid-fun show, and a wonderfully cheesy one as well. Tonight's elimination was the best so far. Two of my three favorites made it to the final... which surprised me a LOT. My favorite hero, Fat Momma, is the one I least expected to make it this far. I'm looking forward to next week's show. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to it, but I am...

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Journalista! will apparently return either tonight or tomorrow. I gather we aren't supposed to link to it yet, but it'll probably show in tomorrow's linkdump...

The Fifth Annual Emerald City Comicon has announced a few guests.

Xeni Jardin reverses an article and I prefer the reversal to the real. But then, any woman would. Amusingly, the article was changed, sort of, after Xeni complained on Boing Boing.

Not a planet.

The Beloit College Mindset List: "They are not aware that "flock of seagulls hair" has nothing to do with birds flying into it."

Interesting Photos, from 9/11.

Uh, this is local. I've had problems with the beasties myself, and there are few things scarier at night than multiple raccoons glaring at you. On the other hand, there's this guy:

Asilomar Raccoon

The evolution of speech balloons.

Recall of Mac batteries now. Apparently Apple used the faulty Sony batteries, too.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Proof of Dark Matter. Fascinating stuff.

Snopes on microwaved water and their effects on plants.

Bulk Lawsuits Turn A Profit. It seems that the RIAA can make profits by suing all their customers. By the way: these are RIAA's labels, don't buy anything from any of these. Unless you think it's ok to sue people who don't even use computers for fire-sharing.

RIAA makes a propaganda movie. More here

Weird Al weighs in: Don't Download This Song!

More on pirated comic books and the differing opinions of DC and Marvel about it. And here's another view about it.

Snakes in a Movie Theater. Hardy-har-har.

Aw, CUTE! Love the paws.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


DMZ: On the Ground by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli. After I mentioned my cunning plan to get the King County Library System to order DMZ, Brian Wood kindly sent me the trade and a few extra issues to get caught up.

I can honestly say this is a book I would have purchased once I'd read it at the library. Brian has saved me from buying the first volume, but I'm probably going to start buying single issues now.

From the first page, you get drawn into Matty's life and experiences, and the situation, while seeming to be so utterly improbable, seems far more real than it ought to. While I read it, I found myself wondering if this could happen, if a major US city could become a warzone. Then I remember Katrina and New Orleans, and frankly, the book became even more terrifyingly real.

There is a flavor to New York, a style. This book seems to capture it, although I'm no expert on that city. I should go and find a few reviews by New Yorkers to see what they think of it. What I do know for sure is that this is not what Seattle would be like under the same circumstances.

The artwork took a bit to get used to. No sleek superhero-y lines, but none needed. The art reflects the city and the war, and it seems to improve with each passing page. Again, there is the "real" aspect to it. I feel like there are certain scenes that if I find myself in that spot in New York, I'll look around and have deja vu.

The events in the book reflect real world events too. This book gives you just a little taste of what life in Baghdad is like, and what war journalists in any urban environment go through. For some reason it is too easy to forget that there are people in warzones, ones who have nothing (or very little) to do with the conflict. This book really brings home their plight.

Ok... I paused there to recheck something and found myself re-reading from the beginning again and enjoying it. I'm going to stop writing about this now and go for a re-read. If you like war stories, if you like reality comics, or if you just like very good reading, get this book. BTW: The King County Library System is ordering it, so you can check it out from them if you're local. Recommended. 4 starfish

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Various Thoughts

Superhero Footwear. I'd buy Aquaman pool shoes...

Talk About Comics Blog has links if you are an aspiring webcomic creator.

For Better Or For Worse, the best syndicated comic strip ever? I love the strip, personally, but I'm not certain it would be my top strip. Via TACB.

Dust-up in Toronto Con Culture. I'm wouldn't be sure what to think of this, except my own sources had mentioned this awhile ago in a different context, so I tend to believe the accusations.

Editorial Simulator. Wow, a good look at what's wrong with comic book promotion!

The Dreaming was a decent Manga, set in the Aussie outback, and now The Dreaming II is done. Hmmm. I should get that.

The Seattle Times looks at Fandom through the lense of NorWesCon.

How many spin-offs from Doctor Who were planned?!??? Rose Tyler spin-off canceled.

Raed has trouble with security because of a t-shirt with Arabic script on it. I suddenly find myself wanting one of those shirts.


The Bad Astronomer directs us to The Skeptic's Dictionary Newsletter, which I think makes an excellent counterpoint reading to The Fortean Times (which sadly has many folks without enough skepticism in the mix, but is still fun reading despite the problems).

Super Huge Yellowjacket Nests. Eek.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

DC in November

Solicits for DC Comics due to ship in November have been posted on various websites: Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, and The Official DC Site.

A bit of Aquaman fun:

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #47 finishes the two-part flashback tale of King Shark versus Orin, with appearances by Vulko and Mera.

And DC Direct once again tries to bankrupt me with a first appearance of Arthur Joseph as Aquaman action figure.

As for the rest... well, Batman/Spirit looks like fun. Superman Confidential written by Darwyn Cooke with art by Tim Sale? Actually tempting. Five weeks of 52. Birds of Prey hits 100. Yay! Guy Gardner and Connor Hawke both get miniseries. Jonah Hex gets an origin. Showcase Presents gathers up some early 1970s Shazam tales. Yet another Green Lantern Archive. More Astro City. Not a bad month, overall.

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New Justice League Line-Up Revealed

And no Aquaman! Not that we expected him to be on the team...

(spoilers)(end spoilers)

Not the group that I was expecting, but we'll be getting it because there is a GL in the line-up. I hope Aquaman makes an appearance sooner or later. I'd like to see the reaction of some of the team to Orin's current state.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Go Seahawks!

The Seattle Seahawks "buried" the Colts. But who cares! It's a pre-season game!

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Go M's!

The Seattle Mariners are on an 11 game losing streak. I don't know how long their longest losing streak is, but I'm sure it's longer than this one... oh heck, I might as well find out. has season streaks... the M's longest losing streak is 14 games in 1992. Only three more games and they can beat the franchise record! I gather that the all-time modern losing streak is 21 games (1988-Baltimore). Only ten more games to beat that one!!!

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Links and a Rant

California's Secret SUV Ban. I say enforce it. If the vehicles are doing the damage, they should be banned from the backstreets. Via Life, it is a Travesty.

NOAA is in Second Life.

Huh. I don't hear about people rioting and burning down embassies over these cartoons. Why the huge difference? Heck, even the Iranians who are putting the exhibition on don't expect riots... they expect "fines and jail sentences". Which also, as far as I can see, haven't materialized. So why is it expected that cartoons featuring Mohammed cause violence? Talk about stupid double standards.

Paranoia and Racism.

Ken Jennings has a great commentary about the ratings posters in movie theater lobbies. Particularly the rabbit. Look at the rabbit!!!

And now for a rant...

Secure Your Load: lost load causes fatal accident on I-5.

When hubby-Eric and I were driving down to the Oz convention a few weeks ago, I was driving on a section of I-5 in the south of Washington. The road was slick and visibility was poor because of a light rain that turned into a churning mist on the freeway. Still, I was able to see the cars around me because everyone had lights on. I wasn't too concerned, and was driving in the fast lane at close to freeway speed.

Suddenly, out of the mist, an empty water jug, like you see in offices, bounced down the road at my car. I was going at least 50, I couldn't stop and I couldn't avoid it. There was a sickening crunch as we hit the thing, and I quickly pulled over, expecting it to be stuck beneath the car. Shaken, I started to get out of the car when I saw the jug fly into the median, hit by another car behind me. I did a quick check of my car, then after trying to calm down, headed back out onto the road. I pulled over at the next exit to examine the car more closely... as far as we could tell the only damage was to the shield on one of the headlights.

We were lucky. A metal shelf that fell off a truck killed a person over the last week on I-5, and in another incident, a railroad tie that dropped off someone's truck damaged a half a dozen cars and caused a pile-up, but luckily injured no one. I have very little tolerance for people who can't be bothered to secure their loads when going on the freeway. If that water jug had been full, I might not be here today. And if I ever find the guy who dropped the water jug, I intend to give him a piece of my mind that he'll never forget.

At least now, in Washington, having something drop off your vehicle and cause injury or death is a crime: Maria's Law
The fine for transporting an unsecured load used to be a maximum of $194. That changed after the high-profile case of Maria Federici.

In February 2004, Federici was heading home from work on Interstate 405 when an unsecured piece of particleboard smashed through her windshield, leaving her blind.

While Federici slowly recovered, her family and friends began a campaign to increase the penalties for unsecured loads, resulting in "Maria's Bill."

Now, if an item falls off a vehicle and causes bodily harm, the driver faces a gross misdemeanor charge with a maximum punishment of a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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