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Links Links Links

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #118.

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, Calls Out Stephen Colbert. Watch the clip! The bit with Buzz at the end is truly classic. (and, by the way, if you don't know that Colbert is satire and that Phil is playing along, you may not want to bother).

Seattle to Boston in 15 minutes - video.

Wil Wheaton hates DRM (luckily a commenter helped him).

I want one! (yes, that's right, I want an underground city that I discover in my basement).

Google Maps and Earth Lights.

The Trouble With Tribbles as done by Edward Gorey.

Gorey's Tribbles

Of course, if you liked that, be sure to check out the LOLCats version if you haven't already: "We Has Tribbles And Also Troubles".

Cory Doctorow is peeved, and rightly so. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to fraudulently remove numerous non-infringing works from Scribd. Making Light also weighs in on the subject.

Packing Cat.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 152

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #229 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #229 (October 1956) - Aquaman's Undersea Partner

Inspired by the horses of some Mounties, Aquaman decides to choose a partner from the creatures of the sea to assist him regularly.

Quotefile: Aquaman, "It's certainly going to be tough deciding which of the three fish should be my permanent assistant!"

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Catfish!"

Glove Color: Green.

Regular Supporting Cast: Topo

Finny Friends Report: The fish in contention are an octopus, a swordfish, and a whale. Aquaman rides the octopus to the ship of the fleeing crooks, which is racing past a steamship near an iceberg. The octopus flings Aquaman onto the crooks' ship, then vanishes. Aquaman spots him moments later on the propeller of the steam ship. Aquaman turns the two captured crooks over to the octopus to take to the Mounties, then summons the swordfish. He rides the swordfish after the crooks' ship. The swordfish punches holes in the rudder to disable the ship. Aquaman sends the swordfish off with one of the captured crooks. The whale sends a spout to the ship, which Aquaman rides, then sends another spout when Aquaman is in danger... which Aquaman swims up to safety. The whale also knocks out a couple of thugs with a blast. The whale then pushes the crooks' boat back to shore.

The twist in the tale comes when we learn that the octopus did not get tangled in the propeller of the steam ship, as Aquaman assumed, but instead realized the ship was in danger and acted as the propeller to drive it away from the iceberg. When Aquaman finds out the facts, that cinches the decision for him, and the octopus becomes his new partner.

And with this story, the Silver Age of Aquaman begins! At least by my reckoning, and by the same reasoning by Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics. This story marks the first regular appearance of a standard Silver Age character, Topo the Octopus. He isn't actually named in this tale, but it's undeniably Topo. It could be argued that Topo appeared before, as Aquaman says, "You've always been one of my most valuable helpers, octopus", but this is when Topo actually becomes a part of the official cast. From here on out, if Aquaman rides an octopus, it's Topo. The Golden Age Aquaman had a sea cow that he rode... from here on out... it's Topo.

To strengthen the argument that this is the start of Aquaman's Silver Age, another development takes place in the next story which is unique to the later version of Aquaman. I'll make a point of it, in tomorrow's Ripples.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Linkdump for a Sunny Day

YAY! Aaron Williams is coming to Emerald City Comicon.

Too many Daleks.

HowToons: do it yourself projects in cartoon form.

For hubby-Eric: Tegan's Tech Talk RSS 101.

Custom HeroClix on Absorbascon, with links to many many more.

Commonly Confused Words.

Boing Boing has been redesigned and now has comments again!

The human body is truly amazing.

Greek Fires from Space.

Scott Adams helps a guy.

Creating Out-of-body experiences.

The BBC's British/American Dictionary. Heh. I had to look up "chav" myself. Via Elayne.

Also via Elayne is the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Check out the side links on that blog for other snarky collections.

The Wishbook Web. Be sure to read the MetaFilter comments, as some folks have truly amusing memories. I love the 1985 Wishbook, with the C64 computer!

Blank Stares.

Clowns vs Nazis, is this the new Pirates vs Ninjas?

TSA plays games, and makes people hold still for 30 minutes. Yet another reason I don't intend to fly anymore.

Have You? AT&T ads from 1993 predict the future, with varying success.

Have I ever mentioned that spiders make me nervous?

Some cute: Baby Hedges Adopt Hairbrush.

Sheldon is all about pugs this week.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 151

Ending the Golden Age...

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #228 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #228 (September 1956) - The Floating Hall of Fame

Captain John is surprised when his contribution to charity, a series of carved driftwood figures, is purchased in advance by a rich Mexican.

Quotefile: Captain John, "*Gulp* Aquaman must be half fish himself, the way he gets these marine creatures to do anything!"

Glove Color: Green. With one panel yellow.

Aqua-Exclamations: Captain John: "Jumpin' Jellyfish!"

Finny Friends Report: Octopuses hold luminous squid above the water to light up the area of the fleeing robbers. A whale lifts and stops the boat. Later a flying fish takes Captain John's signal and a group of flying fish form an SOS. Aquaman rides a swordfish after the bad guys. A wall of turtles stops them. Octopuses return the carvings to Captain John's boat.

There is a small flaw in this story, as there's no indication of how the robbers duplicated Captain John's carvings nor how they made the originals sink. The carvings were made of driftwood, after all! You would think that John would take one look at the replacements and realize they were fakes.

Not all of the carvings are named, but I identified Hanno, Noah, John Paul Jones, and Columbus. Reese says that Noah, Columbus, and John Paul Jones hold the stolen and smuggled diamonds. Hanno just doesn't get any respect.

I love the shadow on the wall in the splash page. True, nothing like that happens in the story, but the menacing shadow is pretty cool nonetheless.

To earn money for the charity, Captain John and Aquaman prep his carvings and set them up as a Floating Hall of Fame, then Captain John sails from port to port charging admission for people to see them. Reese offers John $50,000 for the entire collection after the tour is completed.

Special Note: This story is, by my count, the final Golden Age Aquaman tale. It is now official: The Golden Age Aquaman had no one hour time limit. He could exist indefinitely on land. More on the Silver Age changeover in the next Ripple.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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CameraPhone Zen



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In Memorium

Remember those who died in New Orleans. Katrina was a storm that was much worse than it should have been.

We Are Not OK


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 150

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

YAY! One Hundred and Fifty stories!

Adventure #227 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #227 (August 1956) - A Day In The Life of Aquaman

A film crew asks to film Aquaman's daily routine, but there's a sinister plot behind their actions.

Finny Friends Report: On the splash, an octopus serves Aquaman his meal. A razor clam shell shaves Aquaman. An octopus creates a shower curtain out of ink (!) and blowfish squirt soap flakes so he can clean himself. Electric eels heat up Aquaman's meal. A sponge works as Aquaman's pillow. A sub-marine band plays for Aquaman: an octopus plays a xylophone of empty conch shells, trumpet fish, and violinist-swordfish fiddle at the spines of sea urchins. A swordfish traps one bad guy while an octopus knocks the guns out of their hands. Whales spray the bad guys until they give up.

Aquaman's communication system: A lantern fish follows the ship waiting for a signal, the fish signals to a sea hare which sends up an inky cloud. A flying fish spots the cloud and relays until a giant boxing shrimp signals to Aquaman from a reef. The final, unrevealed, link is a seagull that checks for breaks in the system.

Quotefile: Bad guy boss, "Ha, ha -- He's sure wasting a lot of good acting in front of those unloaded cameras!"

Glove Color: Yellow.

This was a really fun little tale. I'm particularly amused by the "shower curtain", like he needs to take a shower... and the panel in which he's washing his hair. He looks like he's really enjoying himself there, and it also appears that he was meant to NOT have his uniform on, but the colorist erred on the side of modesty. The sub-marine band is a nice foreshadowing of The Little Mermaid.

Aquaman finally figures out the plot by discovering that the cameras aren't waterproof and have no film in them. He leaves out a crucial part of his sea life communication system in order to make sure he catches the bad guys in the act.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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CameraPhone Zen

Which Way


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Unrelated to Anything Else

Today's morning weigh-in shows that I've lost 95 pounds since I started my efforts on June 10th 2006.

I admit that it's difficult for me to believe that I'm having such success. I sometimes have to look at my drivers license picture to remember that I really did weigh way too much.

When I started, I seriously expected that I would not be able to keep it up. I was pretty certain that it wouldn't work at all. I was sure I was hopelessly fat, and couldn't lose weight without surgery. I am extremely happy that I was wrong. Even more strange, once I got past my initial fear and disdain for counting calories, the actual effort was surprisingly easy. I've had bad moments. I've had disaster days. But overall it's been far easier to lose weight than I expected.

I'm finally starting to adjust more than just my calories. I started with just counting calories, and it worked amazingly well. Now I'm adjusting other nutrients and trying to get a better balance. It's a slow process, and I'm learning more about nutrition daily, but I've got a long way to go.

Now, I've never confessed on this weblog how fat I was when I started to lose weight. I have put it elsewhere, but not here. I was embarrassed by it, and I still am, but I'm going to admit to it now because I'm finally getting a grip on my own health and it might help someone else. In early Spring of 2006 my doctor told me I was over 300 pounds. When I started my weight loss in June, I used 280 as my starting point, despite not owning a scale that could actually weigh me. I know I weighed less than I had earlier in the year, but I wasn't sure by how much. On June 25th 2006 (two weeks into my weight loss), hubby-Eric and I took a trip up to Mt St Helens (a trip I want to take again next summer sometime) and there was a scale there that allowed you to compare your weight to the weight of a bear. I weighed just over 280 pounds. So 280 became my "official" starting point. This morning's weigh-in showed that I have gotten to just under 185 pounds.

I don't have a particular goal weight. I intend to get into a weight range of between 140 and 160 pounds. When I started my weight loss, I determined that at my height (5'7") I ought to be taking in about 1800 calories a day (explanation here). I'm actually averaging a little under that, and my final weight will be whatever it will be... I plan on keeping the calorie counting up forever, and just maintaining at whatever weight the calories put me at. If that sounds backwards... it's not. Aiming for a specific weight is what seems backwards to me. I want to be healthy, not thin.

Previous Unrelated Posts: 20 pounds, 25 pounds, 30 pounds, 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds, 50 pounds, 55 pounds, 60 pounds, 65 pounds, 70 pounds, 75 pounds, 80 pounds, 1st Anniversary, 85 pounds, and 90 pounds. All Unrelated to Anything Else posts on one page.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 149

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #226 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #226 (July 1956) - The Showoff of the Seven Seas

Aquaman's jealousy when another swimmer wins the Seaman of the Year award distracts him from his crime fighting.

Quotefile: Aquaman's Advertising, "Come to derrick 1 mile south of Keel Lighthouse on May 5, and watch Aquaman in action!"

Glove Color: Green.

Finny Friends Report: On the splash page, two seals hold up Aquaman's sign. Aquaman writes "This is Aquaman Greatest Seaman of the Year" on a whale in squid ink, then has the whale cruise along the beach while he balances on an octopus balanced in the whale's spout. The octopus later holds Aquaman's bucket of luminous oil paint. Seals toss around a ball with Aquaman's advertising message on it. Sea eagles carry a banner with Aquaman's message. At the derrick itself, seven whales spout water up the derrick, which Aquaman explains that he plans to dive into. Aquaman rides his trusty sea cow (still unnamed). The whales dive when the derrick explodes, and there's no indication that they were hurt... but they should have been, as the explosion was at the bottom of the derrick, where the whales were positioned.

Once again Aquaman ignores his reputation in order to catch the bad guys. And, as usual, the Coast Guard is in on the trick. But everyone else assumes that Aquaman is a conceited show-off and begin to despise him.

The bad guy is named T.N.T. Dillon, and has sworn to get Aquaman back for putting him in jail. People wonder why Aquaman is ignoring his threats while playing around at advertising his own greatness... but it's all a huge effort to get Dillon to play his hand. A mega-sting operation.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Random Linkdumping

Jack Pendarvis interview at Bookslut. Jack kindly describes himself as a loyal friend of this blog, so go read it to learn more about one of my readers... er... I feel a little egotistical writing that.

Congrats to TangognaT!

Many congrats to Collen Coover and Paul Tobin as well!

How Do You Say "Kalidah" in Japanese? Oz and Ends links to Michael Sensei.

Scott McCullar's 10 Favorite Comic Book Covers.

Comcast sucks. Yet more evidence.

More Seattle Trivia.

A lawyer discusses the lawsuit against the science blogger being sued for a negative book review.

DRM: The Sky Does Fall.

What does model train software have to do with open source? A lot, apparently. In short, a court has decided against the rights of open source software, which may force open source to... well, close.

Heraldic Brain Baffler. Answer and explanation of answer is in the comments.

Amsterdam's Bike Culture, MetaFilter links to an intriguing photo essay.

How good is your area for walking? Check out Walk Score to find out.

Monkeys Harrass Villagers (who can't fight back because the monkeys are protected).

I've never heard it described quite like this, although I've seen slightly similar descriptions.

Country Village Bothell London Bus, an enhanced photo. It's the best I've ever seen it.

Cats in a box.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.

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CameraPhone Zen

School Bus


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

CameraPhone Zen

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

CameraPhone Zen

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Thought of the Day

We are each the main character in our own lives, and a supporting character in many others'. Think hard what kind of supporting character you want to be.


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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 148

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #225 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #225 (June 1956) - The Undersea School

Aquaman runs a school for his finny friends, but a pair of seals are upset when only one of them can be in the class.

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Catfish"

Glove Color: Green.

Captured/Knocked Out report: Aquaman is held at gunpoint for a moment before being rescued.

Quotefile: Aquaman, on splash page, "Well, I see the seal has brought an apple for the teacher -- I mean, an oyster with a pearl in it!"

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman puts the fish through a whole bunch of tests and training. Eels spell out "catfish". An octopus thwacks a sea-otter and has to write "I am a bad fish" out 100 times. The octopus later supplies ink for a written test.

A swordfish, octopus, and seal are all shown taking a marksmanship test. The seal fails. A swordfish, giant sponge, and the seal are shown taking an accuracy test. The seal fails. A panel shows the seal failing every other test as well.

During the graduation ceremony, a signal fish alerts Aquaman to a pirate attack on the surface. A whale helps Aquaman reach the pirates. The failing seal rescues Aquaman by taking the gun from the thug and knocking out other thugs. The octopus tells Aquaman why the seal was intentionally failing all the tests.

A cute sort of filler story. I wonder if readers were writing and asking how Aquaman's finny friends always knew exactly what to do? There's the added plot twist of the failing seal and the pirate attack to add some action, but it's a fairly weak tale.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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And Now For A Word From Tony...

From Tony Isabella's Message Board, please repost if you also think folks ought to be warned about this guy. This is being posted now because the scammer just resurfaced after a time of blessed silence, and has started threatening people again.
For a while there, it looked as if the vile Rick Olney had somehow acquired at least enough sense to stay offline. That was clearly foolish optimism on my part as he has once again surfaced to mock those to whom he owes money; to insult and threaten those victims and the good people who have championed the cause of his victims; and to proclaim conventions and publications that have no basis in reality. So, again, here is my...


A message to all my friends and readers...

If you are approached by an individual named Rick Olney or any representative of the man, if you are approached by Olney or anyone else representing entities known as The Mighty Mini-Con, TightLip Entertainment, ORCA, Mohawk Valley Newsletter, or any commercial entity or enterprise associated with any of the above, including online vendors, I strongly urge you to run in the other direction. You can find some details here:

You can find many more horrifying details on Olney and his business practices by doing a search on his name and the other names listed above. Really. Go look. It will amaze you.

If you trust me, do not attempt to do business with Olney. In fact, feel free to pass along this warning to any comics professionals, aspiring comics professionals, retailers, exhibitors, media guests, and fans you know.

Olney is not someone you want to do business with.

It has been estimated he owes freelancers anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. The courts have already ruled against him in several cases where freelancers sued him for non-payment. Though Olney has yet to make good on these court-mandated judgments, auctions run by Unscrewed have raised several thousand dollars to help freelancers who were put into dire straits by Olney’s refusal to pay them for work they had completed.

He is being investigated for charity fraud. Other investigations of a different nature are ongoing at this time.

The list goes on and on.

Although I had hoped not to involve myself in this further, recent Olney actions, such as advertising a convention that seems to have happened only in his own mind, claiming that he is still planning to publish comic books, targeting foreign artists he hopes have not heard of him, and attempting to recruit naive American artists, the greater good demands I and my fellows continue to speak out in this manner.

Check out the UNSCREWED website for the impressive list of creators who have signed a version of this warning. Feel free to re-post this warning, which has been translated into several languages, to any forum you like.

Anything Olney is involved with should always be consider suspect.

Olney continues to troll - trolling as in a pimp hanging out at the old bus station - MySpace and message boards and Yahoo groups looking for fresh meat to exploit, for naive young artists foolish enough to believe that he's going to give them their big break. Before they work for him, they should really talk to the many writers and artists who he hasn't paid for past work. They can find many of "Olney's Orphans" at the Unscrewed website.

This last bit isn't an update, but bears repeating.

Despite threatening to sue me and many others, Olney has yet to institute any legal action against anybody. Indeed, as mentioned above he has been on the receiving end of several lawsuits and has already had several judgments against him...with more certain to follow.

You've been warned.

To repeat, feel free to pass this warning around or post it wherever you like. Oh, sure, I'm setting myself up for another impotent threat from Olney, but that's a chance I'm more than willing to take if I can prevent even one fan or pro from getting involved with this blight on comicdom.

Tony Isabella

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Friday Links

Self-link: Aquaman's one-hour limit and Silver Age beginnings.

Publicity for Minx.

Dorothy of Oz gets mentioned at Bookslut.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #117.

Speech Bubble Logos.

Stan Lee Movie Cameos (YouTube).

Heroes Season 2 Promo (YouTube).

Everyone is talking about Todd McFarlane's take on Oz.

Don't like Spam? How about bacn?

Here's what I don't get about Wikipedia. If it's supposed to be all-inclusive, why do people attempt to delete articles that are clearly informative? I can see deleting joke articles, or articles that are incorrect. But why delete a singer or cartoonist's entry just because "no one" has heard of him? Isn't that the whole POINT of wikipedia, that people can find out more? UPDATE: Tom Smith Filked his Wiki experience.

Blogging certainly can be reporting. Some of us are echo chambers, but some blogs DO report. Generalizing about blogs is the same as saying all magazines are identical, or all TV shows are exactly the same. It only proves you have no idea what you are talking about. Michael Skube should have known better.

Stephen Colbert's Cast on eBay. It was only $735 when I checked this morning.

There's a hole in the universe.

The Most Kissed Girl in the World.

Community Drug Tests.

Greetings from Seattle, 1942.

First posted on April 1st, this story is pretty funny on it's own (bigfoot spotted at site of new ski resort, environmentalists attempt to claim endangered animal protection of the site). But this quote just put it over the top for me:
A spokesman for the Wolf Creek Development Company, Farmhead Bunmunch, told the Post in an exclusive interview Sunday that the supposedly controversial footage was a joke played by Wild Colorado, or possibly by some of their supporters. "All I see is some idiot jumping around in a monkey suit, acting like he's a Saskachewan [sic.] There's no controversy here... It's just those Colorado Wildness people joking with you."
I can't stop laughing. Bigfoot is a Saskachewan! By the way, don't bother watching the vids. Really bad acting.

Opus is censored. This article links to one of the strips.

Dogs and Vick.

For the in-laws: Pug Skydiving.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 147

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #224 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #224 (May 1956) - The Seventh Wonder of the Sea

Jim Travis is mugged and loses his portfolio of pictures of the seven wonders of the sea, but Aquaman decides to help him retake all the images in one week.

Glove Color: Green.

Finny Friends Report: A sea turtle protects Jim from the propeller. Aquaman has tons of lantern fish and luminous squid light up the first wonder. A chain of octopi hold Aquaman steady in a strong current so he can take a picture of the second wonder. Two sawfish cut down a coral tree (!) that is blocking Aquaman's perfect shot of the third wonder. Whales create a spouted platform that Aquaman uses to take an image of the fourth wonder. A eel wraps around Aquaman to protect him in the depths where the fifth wonder is.

Quotefile: Jim, after explaining that he was attacked, "Metropolitan Studios are offering a $100,000 prize for true photographs of the Seven Wonders of the Sea! I had six pictures and their negatives -- the only ones I own -- in that briefcase!"

This story is the first one to be interrupted by ads and have a "Continued on 3rd Page Following" notice.

I have to wonder, considering the lengths Aquaman has to go to in order to get some of these photos, whether Jim Travis had a completely different set of wonders in mind, and thus won the contest entirely due to Aquaman's intervention.

The first wonder is an underwater mountain range that is "greater than the Rockies, deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon". The second wonder is the Lost Continent of Mu. The third wonder is the Great Barrier Coral Reef. The fourth wonder is the wrecks in the Sargasso Sea. The fifth wonder is the ruins of Atlantis. The sixth wonder is Port Royal. As for the seventh wonder... well, Jim provides that photo and here's Aquaman's reaction to it:

Bemused Aquaman

Going back to the fifth wonder, Aquaman says, "The remains of Atlantis are so deep that even I'd need some special equipment to reach them without getting crushed!" Apparently by this time his origin has been completely unlinked from Atlantis, and the previous adventure with Atlanteans forgotten. In only three years, that will change again.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 146

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #223 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #223 (April 1956) The Sunken City of Gold

When an undersea eruption reveals a city of gold, Aquaman is asked to lead the expedition to explore the place.

Quotefile: Aquaman, aiming a gun at attacking fish men, "Must scare them off! I don't like doing this -- but my first duty is to protect the scientists I'm leading!"

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman saves a scientist by covering the gills of the prehistoric fish attacking the man. He also ties up an octopus-like creature that looks a bit like an amoeba.

Aqua-Exclamations: "Suffering Sea Cows!"

Glove Color: Yellow.

The story begins with a diver in a standard diving suit witnessing an eruption undersea. As the ocean floor moves, a jungle and golden city rise into sight, along with some scary-looking fish. The diver promptly evacuates.

Of note: the eruption was big enough to expose some amazing hidden part of the ocean. But the standard diving suit had a line going to the surface where a ship had to be feeding him air. What did the ship see? And was there enough of a seismic event to cause tsunami? None of that is addressed in this tale.

It takes "top scientists" a few weeks to get an expedition together, which is no doubt what allows for the other side of the plot to happen. The name of the scientists' boat is "City of Gold". Optimistic, aren't they?

Where did the strange fish and underwater jungle come from? Was it simply a section of the ocean floor that was deeper than people had investigated before, or was it a truly hidden area, protected by something? The story itself argues for the second option, as Aquaman says of the fish, "now that they have been exposed to the open sea, they won't live much longer!"

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 145

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #222 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #222 (March 1956) - A Rival For Aquaman

A stranger, who calls himself the Seaman, asks for Aquaman's help.

Captured/Knocked Out report: Aquaman is pushed down by a swimmer who then quickly poses for a picture of himself "saving" Aquaman.

Quotefile: Life Guard, "You must be used to pests like him looking for publicity by getting next to you, eh, Aquaman?" Aquaman, "You're not kidding! That's why I rarely let strangers get too close to me!"

Glove Color: Green.

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Catfish"

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman rides a sea cow. He has Octopuses bring up the ship.

Aquaman starts the story annoyed because people want their picture taken with Aquaman... but do so in a sneaky way. The two doofuses that conspire to get a picture of one of them "saving" Aquaman are lucky to not end up with black eyes... but then, this was a gentler time. Aquaman wasn't an anti-hero yet.

Aquaman thinks that the Seaman (stop giggling) also wants publicity, and it takes him entirely too long to figure out that publicity is the last thing the guy is looking for. You would think Aquaman would catch on a bit sooner, but apparently he had publicity hounds on his mind that week.

The Seaman performs three stunts that Aquaman would have found difficult, if not impossible. The first was to create a channel of water flowing over a fire that Aquaman can swim on to rescue a sea captain. The second is to single-handedly steer a large ship away from a collision. The last, and most impressive, is to swim up a heavy rainfall to save a lighthouse keeper who has fallen from his lighthouse.

This is another "alien visitors" story, and like the first aliens Aquaman met, this one is friendly. He's also following the Prime Directive: "...our civilization is far ahead of yours! We have been observing you for years and do not feel that you are ready for outerspace visitors! My leaders felt our presence would only cause panic -- and that is why I had to avoid all publicity!"

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Random Links

Links to November Solicits.

I'm glad you like your ice cream, but leave me to my damn pie! Amen. I like superhero comics, but I'd like them better of some of the blatant sexism that's cropped up in the last couple of decades went away.

What's Wrong With DC Comics. Not for the non-fans.

I Like Squirrels!

Call the cops, it's a terrorist beaver!

Remember that hilarious World of Warcraft virus that killed off tons of players? It was released entirely by accident. Well, researchers are studying how people reacted because they can't exactly model such a virus in real life without serious moral implications.

The Secret History of the Nazi Mascot.

Google grows a brain, offers true refunds.

Our country's shame: Katrina revisited.

Seal Sitting. They aren't abandoned, just parked.

Vintage Seattle makes a point about the miserable state of Seattle's streets.

More on the PZ Myers lawsuit from Making Light and Phil Plait.

There may well be a fat virus, but if you've already got it, you're out of luck. Still, future potential fellow fatties may benefit from this research, if everything pans out.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 144

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #221 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #221 (February 1956) - The Boy Who Refused To Swim

Not even Aquaman can teach Johnny Hartley how to swim, or so everyone thinks.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman rides his sea cow at the beginning of the tale. Whales help him show Johnny how to float. Whales also prevent Captain Hartley's ship from approaching the island in the flashback.

Captured/Knocked Out report: Aquaman hits his head on the pier and apparently is knocked out.

Quotefile: Aquaman, sneaking into Johnny's tent to go through his personal effects, "That photo of Johnny and his father... I-- I think I get it all now! And I'd better do something about it at once!"

Glove Color: Green.

Perhaps Aquaman deserved to be taken down a peg or two. He's convinced that the camp instructors just aren't doing a good enough job teaching Johnny how to swim, "There's no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to learn how to swim-- if he's taught properly!" Ooh, way to insult the instructor, Aquaman!

Johnny is actually an excellent swimmer, but he's angry at Aquaman and wants to disgrace him. He's successful, as he continues to pretend he cannot swim after getting personal lessons from Aquaman. Somehow Aquaman doesn't figure out that the kid is upset at him despite the sullen one word answers during the lessons. The other campers and the instructors are very upset at Aquaman for endangering Johnny's life by making him think he could swim.

Johnny's father attempted to claim a remote Northern island for the United States, but Aquaman wouldn't let him and couldn't explain (at the time) why. Apparently the elder Hartley complained about Aquaman's actions in the hearing of his son.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Take a look at 13 Blog Clichés and tell me how many I'm guilty of here on Bloggity.

Huh. If/when I have a baby, I hope to echo this experience.

Stolen Avengers Artwork found in Coloring Book picked up at a garage sale.

Yet another reason to not go to the movie theater. I'd rather watch movies in private than have theater owners assume I'm a criminal and film me.

Respectable science blogger PZ Myers is sued by crackpot writer for daring to present a negative review of a book. I really want to read more about this one. It's so utterly insane, there must be more to it.

Mike Wieringo collective memory.

More Seattle trivia. That high temperature... it was just after I got married and moved into a tiny and utterly non-ventilated apartment. We stayed at my in-laws air conditioned condo a few days.

Making public domain information public. What a concept, eh?

Biofuel... better processes can make it cheaper, and greener.


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Manga Review

Nodame Cantabile vol 1 by Tomoko Ninomiya, published by Del Rey.

Ok, first I have to explain why I checked out this book. On page 261 of the Aug/Oct 2007 Previews from Diamond, there is a solicit for volume 11 of this series. The character on the cover is playing a bassoon. I started playing musical instruments as a young child, initially by pounding on my parent's piano, eventually learning the clarinet formally. When I was 12, I took up the bassoon, and played it until I left High School. I also played the trombone and sousaphone (marching tuba). My favorite instrument by far was the bassoon, and although I never became more than a mediocre player, I still have a very soft spot in my heart for the instrument. Thus, I had to find out what this manga series which featured a basson on its cover was about.

The series is about a brilliant but very by-the-book musician who wants to become a conductor. He meets a number of musicians who play from the soul, and begins to learn that he has a long way to go if he wants to be a good conductor. I wasn't really impressed with the pacing of the story, nor the storytelling in the artwork. It's all solid, but not exceptional. The main character is unlikeable, and the main supporting character is a flighty pianist who is also a slob. I'm not convinced they can carry the story enough for me to want to read more of the series.

Still, I'm going to pick up the second volume from the library, and give it a chance to impress me. I'm lukewarm on it now, but my opinion may change.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Heidi finds women in comics in 1982 from the con photos posted recently, and goes over the achievements of those women.

I'm even less impressed with Zuda, now.

I've been using the FoxIt PDF reader for a few years (WAY better than Acrobat). I've just learned about Sumatra PDF, which is supposed to be even faster and smaller. If you don't need extra crap, just want to read PDF files, try one of these.

Toronto 1977 vs 2007, a picture set that is really cool. Start here and keep clicking on "next day" once you've read each page.

Cyber-Eyes. Nice Design. Salad that Bites Back.

Oh dear. LOLcats, the story.

J. L. Bell on A Wrinkle in Time. I need to reread that book sometime.

Websites that block Firefox, and the people who don't care about such websites, because they suck.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 143

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #220 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #220 (January 1956)

Jim Blake, who looks just like Aquaman, is too afraid to swim despite being an expert swimmer.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman rides his sea cow at the very beginning of the tale.

Glove Color: Green.

Quotefile: Aquaman, "That man... he look amazingly like me! ... I seem to remember him from somewhere!" maybe your mirror?

Aquaman last ran into a perfect double in Adventure #177. Whatever happened to Tommy Leeds, I wonder?

Johnny Blake is a retired Navy pilot, and Aquaman's memory of where and when he met him is triggered by seeing that Blake is wearing a purple heart. I don't know of many vets who actually wear their medals unless required or requested to do so. The art also doesn't show a purple heart.

The other people who witness Blake's inability to save his own girlfriend from the water shun him and tease him mercilessly. This is why Aquaman intervenes. The folks discover that it's Aquaman pretending to be Blake, though, and so Aquaman tells them why Blake is afraid. That shuts them up and shames them.

Aquaman takes advantage of a later situation to attempt to cure Blake of his water phobia, and it apparently works. Again, Aquaman ignores his own reputation in order to help someone.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Pre-Ripples Links

I'm trying to do a Ripples almost every weekday, and taking weekends off. In the hopes I don't burn out again. In the meantime, I'm also trying to keep up with my linkblogging. So here are some links...

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #116. Still waiting for the book.

AT&T's Blue Room is having a comic book challenge. I have to admit that I'm not impressed with the process, nor am I a big fan of watching videos on the web for a comic book challenge. It just makes me yearn for CBR's Comic Book Idol even more.

Fantagraphics/Ellison thingy settled.

Rob tortures Aquaman fans.

Apple-1 Print Ad.

Seattle Trivia in the daily Three Bits o Trivia.

It's about time somebody turned the tables on the RIAA. A class action countersuit against them.

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The Bluest Skies...

Recently my great hubby-Eric introduced me to a TV show that aired before I was born and I somehow managed to miss any reruns of: Here Come the Brides. I knew about the show, but had never actually seen it before. The theme song is one of my favorite tunes from way back.

The show is set in 1860's Seattle, and is loosely based on the story of the Mercer Girls. Back in the late 1800's, Seattle was a lumber town thick with men and thin on the women. Asa Mercer went to the East Coast in two trips and brought back women, many of whom eventually married and settled in the area. The descendents of those women are still around in Seattle.

In the TV show, the two trips were combined into one. And to add tension, there was a bet involved. The Bolt brothers bet their "mountain" that they could bring 100 marriageable women to Seattle and keep them in town for a full year. On the other side of the bet is the greedy mill owner, Aaron Stempel (played to perfection by Mark Lenard), who is honorable enough to not pull too many tricks to get the potential brides to leave, but certainly doesn't go out of his way to keep them in town.

Hubby-Eric and I watched the entire first season by borrowing the DVD set. I really enjoyed the whole thing, although I laughed heartily at the many, many historical errors. Overall, though, the show was a lot of fun. Even if the set looked nothing at all like Seattle.

While we were in the middle of watching the first season, I recalled a book I had once read that I knew was based on the show. It's a Star Trek novel, of all things, called "Ishmael", written by Barbara Hambly. I read the book in college, just after I'd discovered Doctor Who, when someone told me that there were Doctor Who references in it.

At the time I read the book, I caught some of the references... but oh, I missed so many more. Although I'd never seen Here Come the Brides, I knew that Spock's father was Aaron, so I got the biggest reference. But everything that referred to the Bolt brothers and the brides themselves went over my head. One night after watching an episode of Here Come the Brides with hubby-Eric, I hunted around in my room and was pleased to find that I still owned a copy of "Ishmael". It immediately went into my "to read" pile, and once we finished watching the first season I re-read Ishmael.

The set-up of the bet between the Bolt brothers and Aaron Stemple is different in the book. There are 30 brides involved, and they don't know about the bet. Furthermore, the bet is that they will all be engaged or married by the end of the year, not just staying in Seattle. Other differences include a MUCH more realistic description of Seattle, including tantalizing clues that suggest the Bolts' mountain is probably actually Beacon Hill (it certainly isn't a real mountain, like Rainier).

And now... I've finished re-reading Ishmael. And while I think I got most of the references, I need a little help with some of them. As a warning, Barbara Hambly had a fun time putting in references to popular TV into this book, which was published in 1985.

There are two main spots for the references. In one scene set in a bar on Starbase Twelve, we get to meet Hokas (from the stories by Poul Anderson and Gordon R Dickson), a "scruffy looking spice smuggler" (Han Solo?), a "pair of brown-uniformed pilots from some down-at-the-heels migrant fleet" (Apollo and Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica), and "a tall, curly-haired man in the eccentric garb typical of space-tramps" (the fourth Doctor) who escorts away the girl (Romana? Leela?) who the others were fighting over.

Much later in the book, an amnesiac Spock, now dubbed "Ishmael", is gambling in San Francisco with the Bolt brothers. At a bar, Spock sees "a good-looking boy in the dusty clothes of a trailhand just in from Virginia City and his oxlike older brother" and "a dark-haired gambler" arguing with them over a girl. The girl eventually leaves "on the arm of an untidy little man with a flute sticking out of one pocket of his threadbare velvet frock-coat" (the second Doctor). There's a later reference to "a mining-man from Virginia City" who is involved in a high stakes game of poker, but I don't know if that refers to anyone recognizable. If you know who the folks are in that bar in San Francisco, I'd love to hear it.

There's also a later reference to Time Lords: "There are legends of a civilization out in the galaxy of Kasteroborous that mastered time travel, and promptly stagnated because they never dared do anything again." If there are more references beyond those, I probably missed them.

All-in-all, I enjoyed my sojourn in the old TV show, and in the less-old Star Trek novel. I sometimes wonder what the next trend in releasing old TV on DVD will be, and if it'll be something I want to see.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 142

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #219 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #219 (December 1955) - The Greatest Show on Water

When a barge hauling amusement park rides to children on an island sinks, Aquaman takes it upon himself to provide replacement rides.

Quotefile: Amazingly erudite child who appears to be toddler age, "It's sure nice of Aquaman to arrange this ocean amusement park for us!" Fellow genius toddler, "Yes... but I still don't see how he can give us all those rides on the sea!"

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Catfish!"

Glove Color: Yellow.

Finny Friends Report: In the opening splash, lots of kids are riding lots of different sea creatures. Aquaman rides his trusty sea cow. Octopuses become The Whip ride. Whales are the Virginia Reel. Seals carry the Parachute Jump sign. For the Parachute Jump, giant sea eagles carry the kids up, and blowfish act as a chute on the way down. Aquaman performs acrobatics with some seals. For the roller coaster, whales bring up a sunken ship, and an octopus supplies giant empty shells for coaster cars. Flying fish carry the cars up the lines. Whales propel Aquaman up to save a child when the masts of the ship break. Sponges line the bottom and protect one of the kids when he falls.

I'm not entirely sure what a Virginia Reel is, although it looks a bit like the spinning teacups ride in the sign. The whales seem to just be providing blast of water for the kids to ride around on.

Three children are on the roller coaster when the mast breaks. Aquaman leaps to save one, is assisted by whales to save a second, and makes sure the third lands on soft sponges instead of striking the water. In today's world, Aquaman would be sued by the kids' parents for traumatizing their children. In this story, the kids say the experience was their favorite ride.

Aquaman says the giant shells are "the safest coasters you'll ever find!" But they have no seats, no handles, no safety bars of any type... and sure enough, the kids fall right out of them. Safety standards in the mid-50s must've been pretty lax.

I can't quite figure out how blowfish are supposed to provide a parachute. In fact, I'm pretty sure they'd just make the kid fall faster. Suspension of disbelief is sometimes hard in these "Look what Aquaman can make the fish do!" stories.

There are no villains in this story, unless you count the reef that the barge struck.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Thoughts and Links

Despite some good reviews, I've yet to see any reason to actually check out Minx books from DC. Am I somehow not in the audience for this line? I've seen blessed little real information about any of the books, despite what was supposed to be a major promotional effort.

I was pleased when linked to a flickr photoset showing the process it takes for books to be cataloged into a library. When I saw that, I said THAT'S what I want to be when I grow up. A person who catalogs and labels books.

From toilets to terrorists, John Ostrander looks at the art of compromise.

Some bloggers are journalists, says the CIA and NSA. Not me, though, I'm no journalist.

Supposedly the mystery of the "Poe Toaster" has been revealed... however, there are some inconsistencies in the guy's story. At this point, it hardly matters who the Toaster is, the joy of it is in the mystery anyway.

And now, let's do the timewarp again:

If you have some time to spare, MetaFilter links to a documentary about the making of the Muppet Show, on YouTube in six parts.

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Second Best Aquaman Panel Ever?

Dangerous Experimental Drugs

Previously: Best Ever Aquaman Panel.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 141

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #218 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #218 (November 1955) - Aquaman, Outlaw of the Sea

The folks at a diving convention believe Aquaman has swallowed a chemical that makes him temporarily insane, and Aquaman's unorthodox life-saving techniques simply compound the problem.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman gets a group of eels to form a lasso to pull a diver away from a whirlpool. A whale diverts the knock-out darts so Aquaman can escape.

Glove Color: Green.

Quotefile: Guy at diver convention, "Looks like a big turnout this year! We'll be able to start the program at once!" Guy holding large wooden crate, "Yes, but not until we drop this packet of dangerous experimental drugs into the ocean, as we promised the government we would!"

I admit, I laughed out loud when I read the second panel of this story, the one with the quote up there in it. Back in 1955 people weren't nearly as conscious of environmental concerns yet, and the ocean seemed infinite. A lot of the current problems in the ocean spring from that attitude, which is thankfully mostly gone from the modern world. I wish it were completely gone.

Aquaman's rescues include sticking his head in a hole a log has poked in an inflatable rubber raft to block it until it can be fixed, lassoing a diver who has strayed too close to a whirlpool, and breaking a diving bell that cracked on a jagged rock to save the occupants. Each rescue was misconstrued by the rescued folks as attacks by Aquaman.

Aquaman's origin is recapped again in the opening text box of this story: "Many years ago, a scientist gave Aquaman the amazing power to live and breathe under water... and it was this remarkable gift that led to his becoming the ruler of all the beings that dwell in the sea, and the protector of all men who work on the sea!" A sign, perhaps, that readers were asking about how Aquaman came to be? He hadn't had an origin story in 14 years at this point, I'm sure the current readers had no idea how Aquaman came to be.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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!&@^#%$!@!! Diamond!!!

Diamond and UPS have once again conspired to make sure I didn't get my comics this week. And it's AQUAMAN week, too! ARGH!!!!!!

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I didn't realize that GirlAMatic was releasing full free comics as downloads on their site (bottom of the page). Included are Compass (which I've really been enjoying) and Galaxion (which has always been fantastic). Check 'em out!

Phone bill: $218 Trillion. After the account was closed out. Ouch.

I found this article about fonts on highway signs to be fascinating. Your mileage may vary.

Paperthin battery? If the components can be made cheaper, this might revolutionize electronics.

New biofuel using e coli to make gasoline. Lots still to work out, including using non-food plants instead of corn, but it looks amazingly promising. Can we hold off peak oil?

Angkor, in Cambodia, was considerably more advanced and incredible than previously thought. The archaeologist in me wants more information.

Remember Remember.

How many of Ken Jenning's themes can you get? I got... uh... one.

For all the Doctor Who fans out there:

If I had a cat, I'd get this cat bed and really hope the cat liked it.

Mike Wieringo's Family Posts. Here's a follow-up with memorial service information.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 140

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #217 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #217 (October 1955) - The Day Aquaman Couldn't See

Aquaman is blinded after being hit on the head by falling rocks.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman rides his trusty sea cow steed throughout this story. Aquaman has two whales propel him at the motorboat so he can take out one of the hijackers. He has a swordfish cut him free from the net. A sea eagle takes the club from the hijacker.

Captured/Knocked Out report: Aquaman is hit on the head by rocks from a landslide, which knocks out his vision. He's captured in a net by the hijacker boss. Later, he slips on the wet deck of the hijackers' boat and hits his head again... restoring his vision.

Quotefile: Hijacker, "Hey-- look... Aquaman's lost his eyesight! This is our big chance... Elmo, hop into that small speedboat!" Elmo, "I get it, boss! I'll run him down so hard he'll never know what hit him!"

How the bad guys figure out that Aquaman has lost his eyesight simply by viewing him from a distance is never explained.

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Catfish!"

Glove Color: Yellow.

Another in a long line of stories that take away Aquaman's abilities. Some examples: can't swim, can't touch water (twice), can't breathe air, attacked by fish (twice), and can't talk to fish.

The boss of the hijackers is never named, but his two companions are Elmo (who Aquaman gets rid of first) and Joe... or is it Charlie? The second hijacker is named twice, both times by the boss, and both different names. We could explain this by saying that the boss doesn't care about his hired help enough to even remember his name. So I get a no-prize?

You can tell which hijacker is the boss by his nifty hat, which is knocked off his head by the sea eagle. After that you have to look for just the stylish yellow tie and red jacket.

I'm kind of sad that Aquaman's sea cow is never named. He's been in lots of stories.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 139

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #216 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #216 (September 1955) - The Invasion of the Sea-Men

Aquaman witnesses a UFO arrive in the water, and learns that the occupants intend to conquer the oceans of Earth.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman is riding a sea cow at the beginning. Aquaman sends an octopus then a whale against the invaders. He then has a gold fish pose as the king of the sea. Electric eels protect the gold fish. A giant lobster poses as a subject of the king riding a giant sea horse (actually a coral shell shaped like a sea horse), while Aquaman lassos the invaders.

Quotefile: Invader, "L-look what's on the throne -- a gold fish! ... er -- Don't tell us you're the king?" Gold fish, "That's right! Down here, it's the little fish who rule -- not the big ones you handled so easily!"

Aqua-Exclamations: "Great Salmon" yeah, salmon is lovely, particularly when smoked.

Glove Color: Yellow.

Aquaman handles his first alien invasion. He's already visited an alien planet, but he thought that adventure was a dream. This one has no such escapes from the silliness. Aliens actually invade.

As usual, Aquaman uses his brains to get rid of the threat, not brawn. In fact, this story emphasizes that brawn isn't the right course by having the large fish easily defeated by the invaders. It also has Aquaman playing tricks on the aliens, by setting up the gold fish as the king.

This might be the first time that Aquaman refers to his own powers as telepathy. When the aliens land, he can hear them easily and realizes that they are using telepathy to talk. He then uses his own telepathy to speak for the gold fish: "They think the gold-fish is talking to them! Actually, what they hear are the telepathic thoughts I am projecting!"

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Mike Wieringo

I don't want to write this entry.

Aquaman Sketch by Mike Wieringo

July 15th 2004, Mike Wieringo blogged about me and my love of Aquaman, and about his desire to work on Aquaman with Mark Waid. I'd never met him, but he still dedicated this sketch to me and my website. I was thrilled then, and continued to be thrilled as I followed his regular sketches on his site. This spring, he posted another sketch of Aquaman and repeated the desire to work on Aquaman, along with a description of what Mark Waid's previous idea had been like.

Aquaman Sketch by Mike Wieringo

Newsarama is reporting that Mike Wieringo passed away yesterday after suffering a major heart attack. He was 44 years old. He will be missed deeply by the comic book community.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Just Read This. A truly amazing piece of writing by a former Seattle Times reporter about the Pike Place Market and the Great Depression. Just go read it.

Ken Jennings and the Daily Hello's. Hubby-Eric figured out what Jennings says in the rest of the article a long time ago. More proof that hubby-Eric needs to get on Jeopardy?

Boing Boing on the Wizard of Oz.

A MetaFilter poster by the name of forrest discovers connections.

Jack Chick takes on Harry Potter and even gets the facts wrong. Cool.

The math was wrong, but it doesn't change the facts.

If you bought a video from Google's download service... too bad. They are taking it back. This is yet another reason DRM sucks. You buy something, you expect to own it. Not to have it stolen from you by the company you bought it from. No one should trust any company that sells stuff with DRM on it.

An editorial about menu rules that I pretty much agree with.

Elvis was NOT racist.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gloves Through Time

I think I needed that two month hiatus on my Ripples Through Time posts. I just noticed that I forgot to mention when Aquaman's gloves turned green for the first time! That was just before I took my break.

I've gone back and added that information to those entries, and I'll continue to report on the glove color until it stabilizes as green (in 1960). But for now I'll catch everyone up.

From More Fun #73 until Adventure Comics #210, Aquaman's gloves were always colored yellow. They matched his belt and hair, and for a long time the fins on his legs. Aquaman's fins went green much earlier, in part because of shadowing issues in the artwork. Around Adventure #145 the fins go green with only a few retro moments after that. I think maybe I'll cover that in a later post.

Back to the gloves, in Adventure #211, the gloves turned green for the first time. The color varied from story to story until Adventure #270. Starting with Adventure #271, green became the permanent color. Here's a handy-dandy list of what color the gloves were in each issue.
  • Green: Adventure #211, 213, 215, 218, 220-222, 224-226, 228-232, 234-237, 239-240, 242-245, 247, 249-257, 264-265, 267, 271 on

  • Yellow: More Fun #73-Adventure #210, 212, 214, 216-217, 219, 223, 227, 233, 238, 241, 246, 248, 258-263, 266, 268-270

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 138

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #215 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #215 (August 1955) - The Aqua-Mailman

Some crooks learn that Aquaman is helping a postal carrier make ocean deliveries and decide to take advantage.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman has a whale carry the quonset hut out of the harbor under water. Aquaman has swordfish drill a hole in the iceberg so Aquaman can reach the bridge of the sunken ship.

Also, while not specifying what sea creatures he's referring to, Aquaman threatens to throw the bad guys to his finny friends if they don't talk.

Glove Color: Green.

Aqua-Exclamations: "There's more than one way to skin a catfish!"

Quotefile: Opening Text Box: "Neither wind, nor rain, not the dangers that teem within the seven seas can stay that new and unique service, the Marine Mail Delivery, from making its appointed rounds... especially when Aquaman, king of the waves, trades in his sea-crown for a postman's cap, to become... The Aqua-Mailman"

Aquaman last delivered mail in Adventure #131. That plot also involved a postal carrier attempting to win a franchise to deliver the mail, but the motives of the bad guys in this story were completely different.

Aquaman first becomes suspicious when the bad guys set up a weather station in an area surrounded by mountains. Then he figures out something is up when he notes the sunken ship that was supposed to be a two-master actually has a third mast that was knocked away and not easily visible to divers. It's a thin thread, and that makes the story a bit hard to buy.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Random Thoughts

Mike Sterling has more on the robbery, including bad news discovered when he checked more closely to see what was stolen.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #115.

A Slashdot Limerick by xkcd, one of my favorite nerd webcomics.

Speaking of good webcomics, you all are reading Wondermark, right?

Animation Treasures, taking screen-shots from long-pan scenes of classic animation and putting them together to create background images. Just follow the links and you'll see what I mean.

San Diego Smallville Bag Dress. Yes, someone got a picture.

The shopping cart problem.

Start here, then read Making Light's analysis. This is what the web is for.

DRM is dying. Please lets bury it soon.

She really hates Coldplay, I guess.

Stephen Colbert and the mug of water.

Parking at Health Clubs, an observation by Heidi.

There's a new moon for the 2007 Perseid Meteor Shower. Oh, how tempting. I'm just not sure where I could go to get a good view of the Eastern horizon here.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Giant LEGO Guy Identified


The back of the giant LEGO guy says "Ego Leonard", and there's a website, and LO! The website name is "No real than you are". Hmmm.

Ego Leonard

Unfortunately for us, the website is also slammed at the moment, thanks to, no doubt, curious people checking it out. I had to visit the Google cache to figure out that Ego Leonard is apparently a Dutch artist.


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Huge Linkdump with Chocolate Milkshakes and Giant LEGOs

Comic Book Idol is returning. I really enjoyed the last round they did, so I'm looking forward to seeing this one. The winner gets a trip to New York, but the real winners are the fans who get to see a lot of great artwork throughout the contest.

New Comic Book Day Bingo.

Mike Sterling reports on the robbery at his store.

Pal Dorian (and quite a few others actually) reports on a server attack on Dorian writes about the problem much more eloquently than I could, so go read.

Garrett alerts us to an interesting story involving works licensed under the Creative Commons. Apparently an ad agency in Australia is using CC licensed work without notifying the photographers or the subjects of the photo.

Here's an interesting interview with Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel. Well, I found it interesting. We don't usually look at the infrastructure of our society. Perhaps we ought to be paying more attention. This is one show that isn't afraid to look deep.

Welcome to Cleveland. Only...

I'm not getting up at 3 am to see the total lunar eclipse, but I wish I could. I have seen one, once. It was amazing.


I want one of these to wash up in front of my house. I love the shirt. "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE". Hmmm.

Animation for Short Attention Spans. Including an Oz film. Cool!

Presenting 12 Memorable Newspaper Comics Strip Deaths. I like the last entry a LOT.

The Ten Best Bands That Never Existed. Again, I like the last entry.

Yangtze river dolphin declared extinct. More from the late Douglas Adams.

I love minions.

The Seattle Times explains tips and what happens to them behind the scenes.

Brooklyn Tornado, no, not a sports team.

Arrested for not watering her lawn? Well, not exactly, but still!

Skeleton in Diving Gear found in Puget Sound.

Do you love science enough to get a DNA tattoo?

AT&T censors Pearl Jam. This is another example that shows why Net Neutrality is essential. Imagine AT&T in charge of what you can see on the internet. Now imagine they don't like your opinion. Oops. You are silenced. Net Neutrality NOW.

Speaking of AT&T, Boing Boing has a story of how they fought for privacy against an intrusive government wanting to wiretap... 80 years ago.

Vintage Seattle visits the old brewery and takes some fantastic pictures.

Paul Merton (wonderful Brit comedian), hanging out in China, hunts down a robot farmer. "With a university education, he'd probably be running the Chinese space program by now." (Aside: Paul Merton was brilliant in the memorable Tub of Lard episode of Have I Got News For You)

Chocolate Milkshakes Can Save Your Life!


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Miracle Treat Day

Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. If you have the time and money, go get a Blizzard for dessert today. I sure plan to, just like I did last year.


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 137

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #214 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #214 (July 1955)- Station Neptune

A TV station starts broadcasting an underwater variety show from the entrance of a busy harbor, distracting Aquaman from a case of hijacked cargo.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman receives a message about a hijacking from a signal fish. To audition for the show, he juggles shellfish. Then he gets eels to create an underwater trapeze. Then he pretends to be a cowboy riding a sea cow and lassoing another sea cow. He then captures the bad guys by lassoing THEM with an octopus.

Glove Color: Yellow.

Quotefile: TV Announcer, "Corny! Swim away, sea man -- your act is all wet!"

Aqua-Exclamations: "I'll be a sea cow's uncle!"

Great images of the Coast Guard captain tearing out his hair when he sees Aquaman apparently ignoring the ongoing hijacking case to audition for a bad variety show. But, of course, Aquaman already had the case solved and just was trying to make sure the bad guys were caught in the act.

Some fish came out to do tricks on the show without any prompting from Aquaman. You have to wonder how the TV guys contacted the fish, and what other programming they had.

The TV crew, when trying to escape, consists of four guys. One of them, the announcer, has underwater gear on. The other three are swimming underwater without any gear at all. True, they were racing to a midget sub to escape, but there's no indication that they left an airtight base.

Nice symmetry in this tale. The bad guys are using the TV show as an excuse to hang around at the mouth of the harbor. Aquaman uses efforts to get onto the TV show as an excuse to hang around the TV show. Heh.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Candle Update

For the two of you that read this blog and were at my candle show, I've completed the order and it's going in. I'll e-mail and call folks when their candles arrive, and deliver them as soon as practical. I'm told I had a good event, and if hubby-Eric and I are still in the area in October I'll have another party then. We set a tentative date of October 24th.

I wanted the date to be before Hallowe'en, but not so early that people would think they could get candles in time for it. And it had to be after I go see Spamalot. Just because. So that seemed like the best date.

If we're still here, I want to get some of those big candle jars that last forever in case of a power outage. I hope we don't have a winter as bad as the last one, but if we do, I'd like to make sure I've got some supplies that will help me survive in style.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 136

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #213 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #213 (June 1955) - The Court-Martial of Moby Dick II

When a whale rams a ship and sinks it, Aquaman has to act to defend the whale in court.

Finny Friends Report: A swordfish brings up a stave from a barrel as evidence. When Aquaman goes to get the rest of the barrel, two other whales help lift the wreck off the barrel. A conga line of octopuses help Aquaman pull it out of the mud. A dolphin brings up a parka and helmet that the fish report to Aquaman came off the same ship. Aquaman gets a whole bunch of swordfish to clear the ice from the trapped ship so the icebreaker can come back to testify. In the end, Aquaman rides off on Moby Dick II.

Glove Color: Green.

Quotefile: Captain Broome, "How dare you save the life of a killer whale, Aquaman?" Yeah, Aquaman, how dare you save any sea life!

Wrong-doing whales are common in Aquaman tales, like the one in The First Undersea Jail and Black Beauty from another tale. Usually they aren't guilty, but whales do tend to get into trouble in the DCU.

This is a rare story that has a date. The whale rammed the ship on the afternoon of April 5th.

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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Review - Up Front

Up Front by Bill Maudlin.

This is a reprint of the book Bill Maudlin wrote near the end of WWII featuring his famous characters Willie and Joe. The text is a background for the cartoons, but adds depth to the cartoons, along with explanation and even some apologies.

I was looking through the book for good quotes but started to reread the entire thing, so I think I'll just say it's worth reading. Especially now, when we have a new generation of dogfaces dealing with the problems of war. And while the issues they face aren't the same as the men in WWII, they still need our understanding. If you can get your hands on this book, read it. It's worth your time.


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Monday, August 06, 2007

Various LinkThoughts

I linked to this a little while ago, so now you've all had time to ponder it. What do you think of Wham!? Personally, I'm not sure what to make of it. But I like the art and I'm intrigued, but I love "Destined Love, 1969" and "Don't Play, The Game's Not Safe, 2001". Give me your thoughts, folks.

I'm suddenly looking forward to New Frontier despite the apparent absence of Aquaman.

Batman in Love. A Bully ten-of-a-kind production.

Um. I'm only linking to this Boing Boing entry about Lost Girls because of the tangential Oz connection.

More evidence that cats like enclosed spaces, even if they are see-through. I've seen many cats crawl into tiny spots... in this case the photog actually caught one of them getting in.

What does space exploration actually cost compared to everything else governments do?

Modest Mouse Vids. They are a local band. Checking out one of their CDs from the library once, the librarian told me that her nephew had been in the band.

It's the birthday of Charles Fort, the man for whom "Fortean Times" is named after. I consider myself a Fortean who leans to the skeptical side.

Boing Boing will help you find your perfect candidate. Of course, my perfect candidate is one who will never win, but eh, that's life.

My parents should have put veggies in a McDonalds wrapper, as then I might have eaten them. Of course, now I have just the opposite reaction.

Today is a sad anniversary. Let it never happen again.

I read this article about Autistic Girls, and see a LOT of my own childhood in there (as well as a significant amount of my current life). I'm pretty much convinced I have Asperger’s syndrome, and that's what made my childhood so miserable.

If this is a case of identity theft... there is no punishment enough for the thief.

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Ripples Through Time - Update

I haven't done a Ripples Through Time post in a couple of months, mostly because I messed up some links and needed to fix them, and being a lazy sort of webmistress I put it off for entirely too long. I was also getting a bit burned out trying to do one a day. I know, I know... I don't have to do one every day. But I was trying.

I got through 135 stories so far, out of over 500 (Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57 will be 514 by my count). I'm only counting Aquaman's solo adventures, not his guest appearances in other books or his role in the Justice League. Those adventures will come later, after I've finished my survey of the solo stories.

In the stories I've read I've learned that Aquaman is a friend to all honest sailors, that he doesn't much care about his reputation as long as he can do good, that he will always help the US Navy, that Aquaman fills many roles on the ocean including fire-fighter, doctor, jailer, banker, and movie consultant. Aquaman is a buddy to most sea life, but some sea life doesn't know him. Aquaman is actively involved in conservation efforts, but doesn't mind humans fishing or whaling as long as they do it responsibly. Aquaman doesn't have any limits to his out of water time, but he is weakened by intense heat and lack of moisture. Aquaman has extraordinary strength, but usually uses his brain to solve problems (which is why the Sea Sleuth didn't catch on, as Aquaman was already smart and didn't need him). Aquaman's first recurring partner was Ark the Sea Lion (or seal, depending on the story) and his first recurring villain was Black Jack the Modern Pirate.

One of the links I set up is the archive of Ripples Through Time. I have a link for the first 100 Ripples, and the second 100 Ripples will eventually have their space, too.

And so... tomorrow... Ripples Through Time will continue!

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My Thoughts on Zuda

DC is throwing away a huge opportunity with Zuda Comics, their pathetic approach to web comics. Instead of taking something that they already own and control and making it better, they are trying to horn in on the existing market for webcomics using a model that, frankly, sucks for the creators.

If DC wanted to make money with webcomics, they would 1) take the characters in their stable that can't support a regular book and 2) create new web stories that could later be collected using those existing characters. And, biff! pow! boom! they would make money on the collections, bring borderline characters back into the limelight, and allow a new generation of fans to become fans of DC comics without having to set foot in comic book stores.

Imagine a Dial H For HERO webcomic. Imagine a Chase webcomic. Imagine Stanley and His Monster as a webcomic... and after each storyline ended, a nice collection available in your local comic shop or bookstore. What's not to like? And yeah, I think characters like Aquaman, who almost can support a book, but not quite, would be perfect for the webcomic-then-collect format. So, yeah, I'm a bit disappointed that DC is going in entirely the wrong direction with the potential of the internet.

Instead of trying to expand into webcomics, they should be trying to make webcomics part of their existing universe. It would work.

I'll be very surprised if Zuda is anything more than another failure for DC. The way it's currently presented, it has little chance of being anything but an embarrassing debacle.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007


...Name at least 5 great Science Fiction/Fantasy films. Try not to think of the obvious, although you can include them if you must. Put your answers in the comments. If you want to explain why you think they are great, go ahead, but not required. Just the title is enough.


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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Random Thoughts

The Beat's Last Videoblog from San Diego 2007.

HighWater Line.

Ooh, I remember this ad somehow. Ok, the music at least.

Doctor Who character South Park-ized.

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The Bridge

Slate has a roundup of bloggers posts on the Minnesota bridge disaster. Boing Boing also roundups posts.

Google Sightseeing points to images of the bridge.

A history of bridge collapses in Washington State. Not inclusive.

The current Republican party wants to shrink the government to the point where they can drown it in a bathtub. Deferred Maintenance is the result. The infrastructure of the United States decays while idiots play politics in Washington DC and State governments.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Massive Linkdump, YAY!

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #114.

Bratz are the X-Men for girls. Thanks, Lea.

The mayor of San Diego is a complete jerk.

The Comics Reporter's Collective Memory of San Diego Comic Con 2007. Newsarama San Diego Linkages.

Dorothy has Demographics.

Scholastic Fairs Pick Up Amelia Rules! I used to buy TONS of books through Scholastic and such. My father never denied me books.

Jim Rugg draws Aquaman. Oh, and some other news, too. Check out Jim Rugg's LiveJournal. Scroll down to see the Aquaman images, or click the following links: The Plain JLA, Three Aquaman Images 2, Three Aquaman Images 1.

J K Rowling is a great storyteller, but sometimes her writing could use a bit of work. This is just one example of why some people like me (English grads) pull out hair even while we enjoy Harry Potter.

Coyotes and Google Maps.

Oh dear. Just watch the vid. Heh.

Ah! This article explains why I feel hungry after drinking chocolate milk or hot cocoa (both very rich in calories). Piece by piece we understand ourselves better.

Man, I really want The Popeye DVD Set. Although it's incredibly unlikely, maybe some rich person is slumming in my blog and will buy it for me from my Amazon Wishlist. I know, not gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

Every single piece of DRM invented has been cracked. Why keep wasting money on useless security devices instead of making products better and cheaper so people won't be tempted to pirate them.

Singing about Mathematics.

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from Rudyard Kipling's "Hymn of Breaking Strain"

The careful texts-books measure
  (Let all who build beware!)
The load, the shock, the pressure
  Material can bear.
So, when the buckled girder
  Lets down the grinding span,
The blame of loss, or murder,
  Is laid upon the man.
        Not on the Stuff - the Man!


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Scattered Thoughts

Had a candle party last night. It was surprisingly successful. I apparently will be getting some free candles out of it. Well, mostly free. I still have to pay sales tax and shipping. And I met some more of the neighbors, and got to chat with people who aren't at my house for a Doctor Who or Oz event for once. Heh.

Walked down to the library this morning. If I waited until noon it would be too warm for me to walk. It was almost too warm already. Lots of people out and about, enjoying the sunshine (aka the "burning cloud" that makes all the other clouds turn blue (yes, I'm a Seattle native)).

There are still balloons on my porch from the candle party. I left them out for the squirrels to play with, but the squirrels seem to want nothing to do with them.

The more I play with Ubuntu, the more I want to put it on my regular computer. But I still have lots to learn, so I'm trying to reign myself in. After all, I did destroy Windows on my test machine, so I need to be careful. Still, I'm having the time of my life troubleshooting and playing. I was born to troubleshoot. And Ubuntu is simply FUN for an operating system. Much to get used to, but it's wonderfully customizable (I wonder if I can save my custom settings and move them to a new machine?) and very easy to use. And most of the software I use every day is available for it or already installed on it.

Strange, I got comics yesterday, I'm sure of it, but I haven't read any yet. Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #2 is out, and I know that was in the box. There was also something called Abigail & Rox in the Land of Enchantment. I'm not sure why I got that one, but I suspect I'll learn once I read it (Oz-related, maybe?). I also got my re-order of Licensable Bear #4, yay! That'll make Nat happy. And some superhero books. Meh. I'm burnt out on most superhero books at the moment. Gimme Aquaman and PS238 and I'm done with the superheroes.

My earache treatment has run its course, and I'm feeling MUCH better than I have in weeks. I'd have to say that the medicine worked. Now I need to avoid getting sick again, so I can get more done and stay active. Being sick makes a person feel helpless. I don't like feeling helpless.

I shouldn't announce my latest milestone weight loss during San Diego Comic Con. It got buried in the general noise. I learned recently that, in addition to directly helping two other people with weight loss, I've also inspired at least three more. And I helped my husband break a bad habit with my example. The weight loss feels good, but knowing that I've helped other people makes it even better.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Heart Goes Out... those in Minneapolis, where a bridge over the Mississippi has collapsed.

Update: My sister and her friend, who just got back from their long road trip, told me at tonight's party that they drove over that bridge on the trip.


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Yup, I managed to completely wipe out the Windows XP installation on the old computer when I installed Ubuntu. I'm pretty sure I know what I did wrong, and I'll give it another try after I finish playing with Ubuntu enough to get familiar with it. By that, I mean I intend to re-install Windows XP, and try to set up a dual-boot system. All in anticipation of eventually setting up a dual-boot on my regular laptop. While it was mildly annoying to lose XP on the old computer, it would have been a major disaster to lose it on the regular one. I did good in deciding to do a dry run with the old computer. I need to understand Ubuntu before I move to it for more than playing.

Speaking of... I have a program called "Keyring Manager" that came automatically installed on Ubuntu. Which is nifty and all, but I don't know what it does. So I went to the Help->About, and found this: "A tool to manage the information stored in your keyrings." Um. Not useful. Help->Contents: I see a link to "Introduction". Good... click on it... Here's the total entry: "Welcome!" Not useful. I still don't have a clue what a keyring is, or why I need a manager for them.

So I have a ways to go before I'm going to use Ubuntu on a regular basis. I will say this for it, though, it runs WAY faster on the old computer than XP.


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