How to Support the Gjovaag's Websites

As you may know, being on the internet yourself, it costs money to get a website up and operating. It also costs time and energy to make the website worth reading. This webpage is for anyone who feels the need to support our efforts in bringing you our websites.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website

Eric Gjovaag has provided Wizard of Oz fans with one of the most complete reference sites about the Oz works of L. Frank Baum on the internet. His Oz Frequently Asked Questions List covers just about every aspect of Oz imaginable, including a couple of sections on that famous MGM movie. He also keeps up with current Oz events and news about Oz people, places, and things.

To support his website, and to keep himself able to purchase new Oz materials to review, Eric has a bookshop on his site through Anytime you use a link on Eric's page to purchase anything from Amazon, he gets a small percentage. If you would like to support his website, this is the best way to do it.

Eric's Oz Bookshop

The Unofficial Aquaman Website

Laura Gjovaag has worked for several years on bringing all the information in Aquaman's 60-year-plus history to fans across the world. She runs an Aquaman mailing list that includes some former comic book professionals who worked on Aquaman. She keeps fans up-to-date with both news coverage and reviews.

Because Aquaman is a Trademark of DC Comics, and none of his stories are in the public domain, Laura cannot accept any monetary support in any form at all for her website.

You can, however, still support the website by simply supporting Aquaman. The easiest method is to simply buy a copy of the comic book every month. Yup. I'd prefer if you also read it, or give it to someone who will read it, but just buying it will support the book, and thus support the website.

If you want to get seriously into supporting Aquaman, subscribe to Aquaman. If you happen to be rich, or have some spare money to throw at the situation, subscribe a local hair salon or doctor's office to Aquaman. I'm serious. People sit in those waiting rooms for hours, perhaps they'd like something different to read! I'd recommend calling the place you want to subscribe before buying the subscription to make sure they don't mind and are willing to put the book out. But that would be a cool way to support my site, if you were so inclined.


Hey, if you want to support my blog, be my guest! There are a number of ways to do that. Easiest for you might be to buy a book from Amazon through my neat little link here. If you buy through my link, the tiny percentage will go to me (instead of hubby) so I can buy books or something. My Bookshop has lists of books I like with links to buy them.

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Should you actually want to donate money, please feel free to use the Amazon Honor System:

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Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More

Or Paypal:

As a last note, I'd like to remind you that you shouldn't feel obligated to support us monetarily at all. As much as we'd love to have some kind person come along and help us, we really are doing these websites for our own enjoyment. All the work and effort that goes into them goes because the sites are our hobbies. As long as we are able to afford them, in both time and money, we'll keep building them.

But hey, thanks for reading this anyway!